doodle jump freeFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Lima Sky

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Ok so Doodle Jump has been out for quite a while now and millions and millions of people have played and loved it. But for those of you who did not want to put down the cash for this game. We now have a free version to see if this is a game that is for you.

Doodle Jump will see you playing as Doodle the Doodler (don’t ask questions and just go with it) anyway Doodle is a very cute little fella. Well I think he is a fella gender is never really brought up. Anyway Doodle Jump is a great looking game. It looks like it has been drawn by child on the back of one of there books when they got fed up with there math class. It is a very nice and unique look. It actually reminded me of the game Yoshi’s Island on the Super Nintendo. The levels are very simple, but they have so much charm to them and this child like art style is a fantastic design choice.

The way that Doodle Jump Free plays is in a way that I am sure most people with an iOS device have played in a game before. The basic idea is that Doodle needs to jump (hence the name Doodle Jump) as high as he can without falling back down below.

There are various platforms that you can land on and things you can get to power you up like a speed boos that will send you flying up really fast. I love the power ups not only because of what they offer, but 9/10 they are always a death risk. You see most of the time when a great item can be seen you need to decide if your going to go for it because if you miss it then chances are you are dead. There are also enemies on the screen who for some reason hate our little buddy Doodle, but Doodle can shoot them. Now this is my only real issue with the game in terms of the game play. I had a really tough time actually shooting the bad guys, but to be fair I think it may have just been me. Still it is a nice option to have and it can save your butt on occasions.

The way that you play Doodle Jump is by tilting you iOS device. So as Doodle is jumping you need to tilt in order to make platforms, grab power ups, avoid enemies and so on. It can get really intense on the later levels and there is a fair bit of trail and error with some of the levels.

As a free game this is a must download. I am sure that once you have beaten the levels that are on offer here you will want to download the full version which as I write this is on there for under a buck.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store