directr reviewDirectr is a free video app for the iPod and iPhone.

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The developer claims: “Directr helps anyone create beautiful movies in minutes without editing. All you need is your iPhone or iPod Touch”. The first step is to login with your Facebook id. If you don’t have a Facebook id you can now signup using an email address. This was just added in the last revision of the app. Once you are signed up, you can start creating movies or explore movies other people have created.

The first step in creating your movie is to select a storyboard or start with a “blank” as the app calls it. There are tons of storyboards to choose from. Once you select your storyboard you can start filling in the subtitles. Next you shoot your video clips for the scenes requested. Finally you publish the movie. This uploads your video to the directr site. I created two videos and both times I was dumped to the ios home screen. Once I opened the app again and went to the movies section I was able to find my movie.

You can also explore videos created by other people using the service. If you like a video yo’ve found, you can Post it on facebook, save to your device, or copy the url. If you realize like the storyboard you can direct your own. The videos in the explore section range from interesting to bizarre.

I really like the concept of having predesigned storyboards. This makes creating an interesting video easier to create. The reviews for this app are great, but the biggest complaint was using facebook to sign in, but that has been resolved. My video glitch doesn’t seem to be common in this app. This app is worth a download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

directr reviewdirectr review