Dental Surgery Game ReviewFormat: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Developer: Maura Thompson

If you ever had the dream of becoming a dentist, but never really fancied putting your hands in someone else’s mouth, then Dental Surgery from Maura Thompson is just the game for you.

From a presentational point of view Dental Surgery does a great job. The dental surgery room where you will be working does look pretty good. It may look a little bland and sterile, but to be fair to the developer I think that this was an intentional design choice. As I know that from my point of view dental surgery rooms do tend to be sterile and bland places.

When you actually start your dental work the game changes its view. Here you will get a nice close-up look of some nice pearly white choppers. Of course the majority of teeth you will encounter in this game have things wrong with them and this is where you come in as you need to fix them. While Dental Surgery will not win any awards for its graphics. You have to be fair and say that it does what it does very well. I am not really sure what could have been done to make it look any more interesting.

Now game play. This sadly is where Dental Surgery falls on its face. Now I can fully appreciate what this game was going for. And it has been reported that the developer did quite a bit of research while making the game which you really have to commend, but the game is not without its problems.

The first problem happens within a minute of your loading up the game. There is no tutorial. Now I know that sometimes it can be a royal pain in the butt when a game forces you to play a tutorial level. Dental Surgery is a game that is crying out for a tutorial level as it literally tells you nothing. It just lets you get on with it. Now if the controls were nice and easy to pick up and play, and within a few minutes you can figure out the games basic mechanics, then fair enough, but this is not the case here. The first five minutes (if you last that long) will just leave you confused, frustrated and wanting to turn the game off.

The idea of the game is great and the surgeries when you get into them can be fun, but I felt the game was a little too harsh. If you make a mistake like drill a little too much, then the problem you were trying to fix gets worse and it requires even more surgery. I guess in a way this is a good thing as it makes the game more realistic, but it also feels very unfair because the game never really gives you any clear indication on what you are supposed to do.

In closing, Dental Surgery is a great idea and the app is free. However this does not make it a good game. I feel that if they had included a good tutorial then it would actually have been a much better game.

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