cut the rope experiments review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Zeptolab

Ah our favourite little sweet toothed green buddy Om Nom is back once again. Not that he ever really left this guy is freaking everywhere. Each time I go with my kids to Toys R Us there is new merchandise. The latest thing they are hooked on are these little Om Nom blind bag toys. And as I was browsing the board games section they even had Cut The Rope Connect Four! Seriously Cut The Rope Connect 4. Which of course we bought and I will admit is awesome. But just how awesome is Om Nom’s latest adventure?

Looks wise this is the exact same game that you have already played and loved. There is pretty much zero changes made here. And with good reason too. Om Nom is just too cute so I am very glad that they did not feel the need to mess with him too much. The whole game still looks just amazing. Om Nom is a wonderful character, but everything about the game is very pleasant to look at. So the guys who were behind the art in the Cut The Rope games deserve a round of applause because they have truly done a wonderful job here.

Now as well as the visuals not changing neither has the core game play. If you have not been hooked by Cut The Rope yet let me explain to you what the deal is. You need to feed our little friend Om Nom who is trapped in a box some candy. The core game play is that of a physics based puzzle game. You have a piece of candy and you need to get it to Om Nom. Its starts off really easy with you just using your finger to Cut The Rope and make it drop into an eagerly awaiting Om Nom. But it soon gets much tougher and you have to think before you cut as things like springy ropes, bubbles, air blowers and even spider are introduced.

What is different this time around are two new abilities that have been added. These two new abilities are actually really cool. First of all we have a button and this is no ordinary button you see it can fire a rope at the candy. And the other one is a rope, but this one has a suction cup on the end of it. These do make for some very fun and quite challenging puzzles. And they give you some new ways and ideas on how to get the candy to Om Nom.

This is a great game and while I could not really say it’s a sequel as its more of an expansion it is still a great deal of fun. And if you have still to get on board with the Cut The Rope craze this is a great way to start. And even for those of us who have three starred all the levels in the original release there s still more than enough fun to be had here to make this a worthwhile purchase.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store