cubemen 2
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: 3 Sprockets

Another day and another tower defense game rolls up onto the iOS store. But the guys at 3 Sprockets have decided to stand out from the crowd by making their game as much fun as possible. Tower defense is a genre of gaming that has really won me over this last year. And for me these more arcade style ones are more fun.

Graphically as I am sure you have guessed by the title this is a game that uses cubes for it art style it works really well and does make it stand out from the crowd. The game has some crazy customization options. You can re-skin the levels so for example you may play a level and have it look like a the jungle from Predator you can the replay that exact same level, but change the skin so it looks like it’s been ripped out of the movie Tron. This is just fantastic and it makes playing the same levels over and over again really interesting.

There is a great variety of game modes for you in Cubemen 2. The mode that is called Skirmish/Defense is just like your typical tower defense game. Where the idea is that you need to defend yourself from incoming hordes of enemies. If you have played a tower defense game before then you will know what to expect here.

My personal favorite game mode in Cubemen 2 is capture the flag. This is a mode that I have played in first and third person shooters a million times. This is a really tricky mode as you do need to assemble your cube men to defend you, but you also need to go on the offensive so that you can steal the enemies flag. It is just such a great mode and I think that by playing this I actually got better at the Skirmish/Defense mode.

Another really fun mode sees you battling it out for the territory. You need to move your troops over the map and claim as much territory as you possibly can. Whoever has the most at the end of the battle is the winner. This is a really intense mode where more often than not the battle comes right down to the wire.

If that was not enough for you guys there is also a single player campaign mode as well which has a great variety of levels. As of writing there are 15 different levels in the campaign, but I have it on pretty good authority that more will be added in the near future. I have heard that multi player is a blast, but so far I have only managed to have a couple of games because it kept crashing, but an update is on the way. I am sure that I will have a great deal of fun with the multi player in the future.

Now there is a great variety in the levels, but there is also tremendous variety in the troops that you have at your disposal. My personal favorite is the maniac who wields the flame thrower. But you also have you regular guys with hand guns and some snipers as well. There is a ton more and figuring out what each one does is a great deal of fun.

Overall this is a great tower defense game that is really heavy on the action. I think that even the most hardened tower defense veteran will be impressed by the games incredible visual style. For only a couple of bucks you are getting a huge amount of game play.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store