crafted battle review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: C-Apps

Crafted Battle is a game that is clearly inspired by Minecraft. Something tells me this is something that I better get used to in 2013. Anyway this game has been getting very mixed reviews on the iOS store. It seems like its either five stars or just one there seems to be no middle ground. So I was very interested to see what the deal with this was.

The looks of this game is clearly inspired by Minecraft. The areas that you will play in look like they were built in Minecraft by someone who started, but then got board and decided to not add in a whole bunch of details. You can make your own levels in the game which is what I am sure many people will spend there time doing. It is not bad at all, but it certainly comes off as a poor mans Minecraft. Still if building is your thing then I am sure you will have some fun here.

As far as the game play goes Crafted Battle is a game that is trying to mix the level building aspects of Minecraft with a first person shooter. This idea in theory is great, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The building aspect really is not that in depth at all. And if I am honest I do not feel that this style really lends its self all that well to a first person shooter.

I could forgive the building aspect for being less than great if the first person shooter elements were awesome which they are not. First of all there is no online multi player let me get that out there right away. I have been told that it is being worked on, but as I write this all you do is play against AI bots. The AI is not to hot and it is very easy to take advantage of the poor AI and just go on a full on kill spree which for a few minutes is fun.

Another issue that I have is the weapons or the lack of. There are three guns and a knife for you to battle with at the start of the game. There is a fourth gun that you can unlock through some challenges, but I would be very surprised if anyone really went to the effort to unlock it.

My main issue with this game is one I am sure I am going to have many times this year and that is games trying to be like Minecraft. Now the idea behind Crafted Battle is good and I think if it had online multi player where you could play in your buddies levels would have at least added some fun to the game. I am sure it would have been fun making a level with some hidden areas that your friends would be unaware of where you could lead them into a trap.

As it stands I really cannot recommend this game. It is not that great as a building game and as a first person shooter it is poor at best. Hopefully though the guys at C-Apps will keep at it and improve on what they have done here.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store