clear vision 2 review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Well it has been pretty much a year since the first Clear Vision game let us all kill people in the most explicit, but also fun way. The game was a pretty big hit and while waiting for an order in a Burger King I was playing it on my phone getting some very odd looks from an older lady behind me. The first Clear Vision game was over the top violent, but it did it in a humorous way. So mine and I am sure many other peoples hopes are pretty high for this sequel.

In terms of the visuals. I commented last time that I felt Clear Vision kind of looked like a Flash game and I still stand by that. Clear Vision 2 uses that same style of graphics. Where the characters are stick figures, but stick figures who have a ton of personality. While the graphics on a screen shot may not look anything to get excited about. The animations of these stick figures are actually really well done.

As far as the games story goes it picks up pretty much right after the first game. You are a hitman, mercenary or whatever you want to refer to him as called Tyler. Who is on the hunt for his smoking hot (well as hot as a stick figure can be) wife. It is a fun story that does make you want to see it to the end. And I will say that the cut scenes are incredibly well done.

Now as far as the game play goes if you have played the first Clear Vision which if you are reading this I am sure you have. Then you will fit right in here. Tyler’s apartment is where you will spend you time in between taking new jobs to make some cash to buy new weapons and ultimately find his wife. You can check the local newspaper to see how famous you are which is pretty cool. When you are ready to get to work. You can check your emails and see who you need to kill.

The game plays just like the first Clear Vision. You are required to take down your target. But each one is slightly different. One minute you may need to take down a guy as he is having a relaxing drink and the next you may have to use a rock or something else as your weapons are simply no good. When you take down a guy it is just as amusing and over the top as it was in the previous game. It is very simple to play as you just slide your finger along the screen to move your sights. As you progress it gets tougher as you will have to think more about your shot as wind and your distance will have an effect on your shot.

In between taking down your targets you can make some extra money by doing some underground boxing which is pretty neat or if that does not float your boat then there is a mini game that sees you as some kind of stock expert as you buy and sell some stocks.

Overall I think that this is more like Clear Vision 1.5 than Clear Vision 2, but for under a buck there is still a great deal of fun to be had here. Just do not go into this expecting anything radically new. If you loved the first game though I am sure you would be more than happy with this.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store