bingo bashFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: BitRhymes Inc

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Now I am not setting out to offend anyone here, but I always thought bingo was an old retired ladies game. But with the amount of bingo websites that are advertised on TV and the fact that my own town has no less than three different large bingo halls. I am guessing there must be something to it. Bingo Bash is another reason I am getting the feeling I may be missing out on something. As over 1 million people play this every day. Which makes it one of the top dogs when it comes to bingo on the iOS.

At its core this is bingo. You pick a card and then numbers are called you get five in a row and you shout bingo. Ok so shouting bingo at your iOS device wont do anything, but you can still do it if you want. Well that really is all there is to the core game play after all it is bingo. But Bingo Bash does offer a few cool things to make it stand out from the crowd.

I love the way that games are live. So when you pick your card very rarely do you get to jump straight into a game there is usually a little wait for a new game to begin. I know this may sound brutal and you think you will probably be waiting around for ages, but is not true the wait is not that bad. And this is coming from one of the most impatient gamers out there.

Of course if you do win you are given rewards. And in the case of Bingo Bash you are playing to win in game currency. Of course in bingo there can only be one winner. But that is not really the case here. Well there is only one winner, but everyone gets the chance to at least get something from the game. You see some of the grids on your card will have coins or other things on them and you can win these. This makes it seem much more fair, but without taking away from the actual winner.  So many bingo games are winner takes all and the losers get nothing. So this is certainly a nice little touch.

One other really cool thing is the power ups. As well as getting experience points by clicking tiles you also build up your power up icon. This is really cool and when its full can do a few fun different things. It can be something like giving you some extra coins or if your really lucky it can even result in a instant win. These power ups add a somewhat random element to the game that makes it quite exciting.

I am not the worlds biggest bingo fan as I am sure you can tell, but I did have some fun playing this. It is a much less serious take on bingo and I am sure that is going to win non bingo fans over. And if you are a hardened bingo veteran then I am sure the little changes will be more than enough to at the very least peak your interest.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store