bike raceFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Top Free Games

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Bike Race is the latest in a long line of physics based racers on the iOS store. Bike Race is picking up some serious momentum and as of me writing this it has been hovering around the top 5 free games for a little while now. So what is it about this game that has gotten so many people hooked?

Graphics wise I think that a great deal of these physics based racers kind of look the same, but this one is very polished. As well as the bike and the foreground looking good what I really like is the games background. Many games like this will ignore the back ground and sometimes just have a static colour there. But Bike Race has some nice background designs. For example in the desert level you will see sand dunes in the back ground. And in the ice level you will see mountains in the back ground. I know that this sounds like a very odd thing to be impressed by, but I love when a developer will put in little details. Because to me all the little things add up in making a game look good.

It is the game play though that is making this game such a huge hit at the moment. In order to accelerate the bike you need to press on the right side of the screen and I am sure you have guessed that the left side of the screen you will break. Bike Race also incorporates motion controls as tilting the iOS device right will make you go onto your front wheel while tilting it back will make you wheelie. It is a great control scheme and dare I say one of the best in a physics based racer I have played.

You will need to master the controls to make it through the level. The faster you do it the more stars you will get. The stars system makes you want to replay the level in order to get the perfect 3 star rating on each level. This is a game of skill and the skill is in mastering being able to cycle fast, but also get the hang of those motion controls as well. The game controls so well that it is really not frustrating when you crash. This is because when you do crash the majority of the time it is because you did something wrong.

There is a game shop where you can unlock a few more bikes. This bikes are more special than your regular bike and will give you more abilities. There is the kid bike which is harder to break and does better jumps. The super bike is much more powerful and it will not break and the last one is my favourite and that is the Ghost Rider which sadly is no relation to the Marvel character, but it is still really cool. The Ghost Rider does not break and can drive through walls and it looks really bad ass.

Bike Race is a great game and it is one of those games like Angry Birds that I feel should be on everyone’s iOS device. It is easy to play and hard to master and it will entertain you for hours on end.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store