For workout aficionados, the Tough Mudder is the Holy Grail of physical fitness. If you are looking for the best Tough Mudder app for your iPhone and iPad in order to keep up, there are few that are highly rated and vary in pricing from free to $1.99.

The best free Tough Mudder workout app available for iPhone and iPad is Train Tough Fitness Timer. This app includes a variety of timer options to help intensify your workout. It also includes interviews with athletes such as Eric DiLauro. It also includes a bonus chest and back routine that will enhance any workout.

Another Tough Mudder App is the Tough Mudder Workout app for 99 cents. This app features a customizable timer that builds rest time into your overall workout. The next best Tough Mudder app, and most highly rated is the “Toughest” app. This app plyometric exercises timed runs, Spetsnaz training elements, progress tracker and a variety of other Tough Mudder workout tools.

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