bejeweled blitzFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: PopCap

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The original Bejeweled game was the start of a very long lasting franchise in my opinion. And I and I am sure many other people thought that we would get many sequels. Possibly the biggest improvement and thing that has gotten many people excited about Bejeweled Blitz is that now the game is optimised for the iPad and it looks so much better than the other instalments. This is one of those series than the majority of people with a iOS device seem to have played. Heck even my mother has this on her iPhone.

This is a very nice looking game in general. The game board with the various jewels on it looks great and very highly polished, but then when one of the special for lack of a better term events happens in the game the graphical effects are staggering. Be it a phoenix (well I think its a phoenix) or just some jewels kind of exploding it looks amazing.

I am going to break down the way that you play Bejeweled the idea is that you match three of the same jewels to get as high score as you can. That is it at its core that is what Bejeweled is all about. In the other versions there are various game modes, but in Bejeweled Blitz they have stripped the game down to its bare minimum and you know what is weird? Rather than feeling like a watered down version it actually works.

There is only one game mode here and the games only last 60 seconds hence the name Bejeweled Blitz. The idea is you have 60 seconds to match up three of the same jewel and get as high score as you possible can. This is a game that is all about getting right to the action. A couple of seconds set up and BAM you arte in the game with only 60 seconds to play. This makes it a perfect game for those on the go or people who just have a spare five minutes at work to sneak some gaming in.

While the game is free you can buy power ups with coins which I am sure you have guessed you earn pretty slowly during the game. But of course you can spend real money if you desire in order to get a ton of power ups. At the end of the day I was still able to have a lot of fun with this game without spending a dime.

The idea for playing the game is that you will be playing against people who are your friends on Facebook. I loved this idea and me and some of my family actually got really competitive over this game for a while. I am not a huge social network gamer, but I really had some fun with this. For those of you though who just want to play it on your own you are able to also play this offline as well.

This is a must download and as it is free there is really no excuse not to. While it may not be the whole brand new entry into the Bejeweled series that fans would have liked. It is certainly the perfect stop gap.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store