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Badly Drawn Movies King KongBadly Drawn Movies King KongKing Kong
“Oh no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.”
An oversized gorilla is taken to New York
Originally released in 1933, it was remade in 2005
It rhymes with ‘ding dong’
Badly Drawn Movies JawsBadly Drawn Movies JawsJaws
“You’re gonna need a bigger boat. “
A shark eats innocent New England swimmers
The shark was nicknamed ‘Bruce’ by the film crew
Steven Spielberg directed this film based on a Peter Benchley novel
Badly Drawn Movies Mission ImpossibleBadly Drawn Movies Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible
“Red light, green light!”
An American agent seeks to clear his name after a failed operation
Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt in this 1996 action movie
Even after four films, there are still plenty of tough missions
Badly Drawn Movies Independence DayBadly Drawn Movies Independence DayIndependence Day
“Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy! “
Aliens invade Earth in this 1996 film
Bill Pullman is the President, Will Smith is a Marine Captain
It’s named for a US July 4th holiday
Badly Drawn Movies PsychoBadly Drawn Movies PsychoPsycho
“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”
Marion takes a deadly shower at the Bates Motel
It’s a famous Hitchcock film
Some synonyms for the title: insane, crazy, mad
Badly Drawn Movies The MatrixBadly Drawn Movies The MatrixThe Matrix
“There is no spoon.”
This 1999 film was directed by the Wachowskis
The main actors had martial arts training before filming
Keanu Reeves is Neo, Laurence Fishburne is Morpheus
Badly Drawn Movies Pulp FictionBadly Drawn Movies Pulp FictionPulp Fiction
“Check out the big brain on Brett!”
John Travolta and Uma Thurman do the twist in a dance contest
This movie won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1995
Also starring Samuel L. Jackson, this flick was directed by Quentin Tarantino
Badly Drawn Movies The Sound of MusicBadly Drawn Movies The Sound of MusicThe Sound of Music
“The hills are alive with the sound of music!”
Maria leaves the convent to work for the Von Trapp family
Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?
Badly Drawn Movies ShrekBadly Drawn Movies ShrekShrek
“I’m making waffles!”
It won an Oscar in 2002 for Best Animated Feature
Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz voice two of the main characters
A green ogre falls in love with a princess and befriends a donkey
Badly Drawn Movies The HangoverBadly Drawn Movies The HangoverThe Hangover
“Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.”
A Las Vegas bachelor party leads to chaos
Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis are in this movie
It’s the unpleasant feeling you get after a night of heavy drinking
Badly Drawn Movies TitanicBadly Drawn Movies TitanicTitanic
“It is unsinkable. God himself could not sink this ship.”
Rose says she’ll never let go of Jack, but she does
It won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1998
The iceberg doesn’t get named in the credits, but it plays a prominent role
Badly Drawn Movies FlashdanceBadly Drawn Movies FlashdanceFlashdance
“Take your passion and make it happen!”
What a feeling to listen to the song ‘Maniac’ in this 1983 movie
Alex dances at a bar until she gets an audition for a conservatory
This movie put Jennifer Beals and leg warmers on the map
Badly Drawn Movies MementoBadly Drawn Movies MementoMemento
“I can’t remember to forget you.”
Leonard has short-term memory loss and his wife was murdered
He uses notes and pictures to remember things in this 2000 movie
The title is a synonym for a reminder or souvenir
Badly Drawn Movies Forrest GumpBadly Drawn Movies Forrest GumpForrest Gump
“Stupid is as stupid does.”
Tom Hanks plays ping pong and runs excessively
Sally Field believes that life is like a box of chocolates
This film inspired the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant chain
Badly Drawn Movies The HelpBadly Drawn Movies The HelpThe Help
“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”
Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for her role in this movie
This film is an adaptation of the novel by Kathryn Stockett
Emma Stone writes about the experiences of African-American housekeepers
Badly Drawn Movies Gone with the WindBadly Drawn Movies Gone with the WindGone with the Wind
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”
This 1939 film won eight Oscars
This movie was based on the book by Margaret Mitchell
Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler just can’t seem to work out their problems
Badly Drawn Movies Meet the ParentsBadly Drawn Movies Meet the ParentsMeet the Parents
“First comes love. Then comes the interrogation. “
Greg is introduced to his girlfriend’s mom and dad
Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller star in it
It’s sequel is called ‘Meet the Fockers’
Badly Drawn Movies Silence of the LambsBadly Drawn Movies Silence of the LambsSilence of the Lambs
“Well, Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?”
Clarice needs one killer in order to find another killer
Jodie Foster won an Oscar for her role in this movie
Anthony Hopkins is Hannibal Lecter
Badly Drawn Movies JunoBadly Drawn Movies JunoJuno
“This is one doodle that can’t be un-did, homeskillet.”
A teen gets pregnant and places her baby with adoptive parents
Michael Cera and Ellen Page play the teens
The Roman goddess of marriage shares a name with the film
Badly Drawn Movies The Blind SideBadly Drawn Movies The Blind SideThe Blind Side
“I don’t like to be called Big Mike.”
A homeless teenager becomes a football player
This film is looked based on the life of Baltimore Raven’s lineman Michael Oher
Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role in this film

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