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Badly Drawn Logos Answers / Solutions


Here are the answers for the Seks Pad in the Badly Drawn Logos game for iphone / ipad / ipod:

Badly Drawn Logos White CastleWhite Castle
They sell ‘Sliders’
This burger chain was the first to sell frozen fast food
Harold and Kumar go there
Badly Drawn Logos AerosmithAerosmith
They don’t wanna miss a thing
This symbol represents an American rock band
Steven Tyler is the lead singer
Badly Drawn Logos Aston MartinAston Martin
They’re a luxury sports car manufacturer
It was founded in 1913 as ‘Bamford & Martin LTD’
The name was changed after a successful run at the Aston Clinton Hillclimb
Badly Drawn Logos Bridgestone TiresBridgestone Tires
Shojiro Ishibashi made rubber shoes before moving on to this business
It was named using a translation of the founder’s surname
This tire company owns Firestone and also ends in ‘stone’
Badly Drawn Logos Dunkin' DonutsDunkin’ Donuts
This chain’s first location was opened in Massachusetts in 1950
As their slogan states, ‘America runs on’ this company
They’re known for donuts and coffee
Badly Drawn Logos Hewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard
This tech company’s first product was an audio oscillator
They merged with Compaq in 2002
It was founded by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
Badly Drawn Logos Dr PepperDr Pepper
Wade Morrison first sold it in 1885 from his drug store
It’s named for the father of a girl Morrison was in love with
This soft drink is sold in a red can
Badly Drawn Logos Betty CrockerBetty Crocker
A radio cooking show featured this soon-to-be brand name in 1924
The name was first created by a flour company to answer consumer questions
You might see this logo on a cookbook or a baking mix
Badly Drawn Logos Chicago CubsChicago Cubs
Ernie Banks and Sammy Sosa have played for this team
Wrigley Field is this team’s home turf
This MLB name might make you think of a young bear
Badly Drawn Logos Auntie Anne'sAuntie Anne’s
You can get the original or cinnamon sugar version of their product
They’re known for pretzels
Anne Beiler opened the first stand in 1988
Badly Drawn Logos ChiquitaChiquita
United Fruit Company first introduced this brand name in 1944
First drawn as a fruit in 1944, the mascot was changed to a woman in 1987
You’d likely see this blue sticker logo on a banana
Badly Drawn Logos Mountain DewMountain Dew
PepsiCo produces this soft drink
Taco Bell offers a ‘Baja Blast’ drink containing it
They used the slogan ‘Do the Dew’
Badly Drawn Logos RCA EntertainmentRCA Entertainment
You can find this symbol on TVs or DVD players
Their mascot was a Jack Russell Terrier named ‘Nipper’
Before being shortened, it was the Radio Corporation of America
Badly Drawn Logos The CWThe CW
This TV network was launched in 2006
They air ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Gossip Girl’
It’s owned by CBS and Warner Bros.
Badly Drawn Logos WendysWendys
The phrase ‘Quality is our recipe’ is often seen with the logo
Dave Thomas opened the first one in 1969
This fast food chain is represented by a girl with red hair
Badly Drawn Logos Japan AirlinesJapan Airlines
It’s the logo for an airline
Their first international route was Tokyo-Honolulu-San Francisco
They’re headquartered in Tokyo
Badly Drawn Logos Travel ChannelTravel Channel
You might watch it for vacation ideas
Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown host shows seen here
This channel focuses on travel
Badly Drawn Logos LinuxLinux
It’s the logo for a computer operating system
Linus Torvalds created the kernel that evolved into this
This is generally a free and open source operating system
Badly Drawn Logos Boston Red SoxBoston Red Sox
They experienced the Curse of the Bambino
This logo represents a baseball team
Fenway Park is their home stadium
Badly Drawn Logos Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network
This network is owned by Turner Broadcasting
This cable TV channel primarily airs animated shows
Some of those shows are ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ and ‘Johnny Bravo’
Badly Drawn Logos FerrariFerrari
This car manufacturer’s founder was once a racecar driver
The horse emblem originally comes from WWI pilot, Count Francesco Baracca
It’s an Italian company starting with the letter ‘F’
Badly Drawn Logos Hello KittyHello Kitty
Yuko Shimzu first created this character
It is produced by Sanrio
Originally released in Japan, this kitty was brought to the US shortly after
Badly Drawn Logos iTunesiTunes
This logo represents a media player
Apple developed this application
You can purchase and download music and podcasts through its store
Badly Drawn Logos MichelinMichelin
The company mascot looks like he’s made out of their product
It was started by French brothers who owned a rubber factory
This tire manufacturer has locations worldwide
Badly Drawn Logos PeugeotPeugeot
It’s a French brand
Their type 3 car was the first car driven in Italy
Armand Peugeot created the company in 1896
Badly Drawn Logos Prudential FinancialPrudential Financial
This financial company was founded in 1875
It was the first US company to provide life insurance to the working class
Its name stems from a word meaning ‘cautious’ or ‘showing care for the future’
Badly Drawn Logos QuicktimeQuicktime
You might use it for audio and video on your computer
Apple released the first version of this product in 1991
This media player’s name has the word ‘quick’ in it
Badly Drawn Logos QuiznosQuiznos
Their slogan is ‘Mmmmm…toasty’
This food chain focuses on toasted subs
Qu_z_ _ _
Badly Drawn Logos Radio ShackRadio Shack
A leather company acquired this electronics retailer in 1963
The store offers things like mobile phones and audio equipment
The name alludes to radio officers, which the company originally served
Badly Drawn Logos Air JordanAir Jordan
You’d probably see this logo on a pair of sneakers
Nike produces them
Michael Jordan lent his name to these shoes
Badly Drawn Logos Circle KCircle K
It’s a chain of convenience stores
Not surprising due to its current name, it originated as Kay’s Food Stores
If you know the shape and letter in the logo, you might know the name
Badly Drawn Logos Little CeasarsLittle Ceasars
Mike and Marian Ilitch started this franchise
Their ads often feature the phrase ‘Pizza! Pizza!’
The name might remind you of a Roman dictator
Badly Drawn Logos AllstateAllstate
Dean Winters is ‘Mayhem’ in some of their commercials
Their slogan is ‘You’re in good hands’
Dennis Haysbert often narrates commercials for this insurance company
Badly Drawn Logos Bentley MotorsBentley Motors
A man nicknamed W.O. founded this company in 1919
They manufacture luxury cars
Once rivals, Rolls-Royce purchased this company in 1931
Badly Drawn Logos Fantastic FourFantastic Four
You would find this logo on the clothing of certain fictional characters
It refers to Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm
There was a 2005 movie released about this group of four superheroes
Badly Drawn Logos GhostbustersGhostbusters
It represents a group of parapsychologists
It’s from a movie released in the ’80s
Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis were in the film with this logo
Badly Drawn Logos HSBCHSBC
This is the 3rd largest bank in the world
This company is headquartered in London
It’s named after The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Badly Drawn Logos MercuryMercury
Products under this brand are being phased out
This car brand was a division of the Ford Motor Company
It shares its name with the innermost planet in our solar system
Badly Drawn Logos Miami HeatMiami Heat
Florida isn’t just known for its beaches
LeBron James is one of their current stars
As the name suggests, this team is never cold
Badly Drawn Logos Colorado AvalancheColorado Avalanche
They won the Stanley Cup in 1996 and 2001
This is the logo for a Colorado based NHL team
The team name is the term for snow or rocks falling down a mountain

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