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App Icons is created by Matsvei Tsimashenka. It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


App Icons allows you to create new app icons for your home screen. It comes with a variety of backgrounds, clip art and borders you can use to create your own icons. You can even add your own photos or text to icons.

In addition to being able to create icons for your existing apps, you can also create shortcuts to call, text or email your contacts. By using App Icons you could effectively create an icon, that when you press it, your phone calls the person you set it up to call. This is really useful for people that you always need to get in touch with, but are tired of going through your contact list to call them.

App Icons also lets you create icons for websites and custom URLs. Once you’ve created all of your new icons, you just hit the Save button, and then you’re redirected to an install page. This page will install the new shortcuts on your phone, and takes less than a couple of seconds.

The Good:

App Icons is a great iOS customization solution for people who don’t have jailbroken devices. It also improves productivity by allowing you to create shortcuts for phone calls, websites and other things you need to get to quickly.

The Bad:

Every time you want to add a new app icon to your home screen, or a group of app icons, you have to hit the save button, and then install the new app profile. Although Apple doesn’t let apps create new icons with first validating an app profile, it’s still an annoying thing to do every time you want to update your icons.


If you’re into customizing your phone, or want to setup shortcuts for calling/texting friends, then this app is for you. I’m personally wondering why Apple doesn’t already have a feature that lets anyone create calling/texting shortcuts.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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