Anomaly Korea Review
Pros & Cons:

Pros: Great Tactical game, Decent Graphics/Sounds

Cons: An online or multi-player mode would be nice to see. Priced a tad high compared to other games in the same genre

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Anomaly Korea is a great tactical game by Chillingo. You’re set in Korea and are commanding convoy on route while eliminating enemies along the way. Each mission begins with the planning of a route that is the safest and fastest to your destination, one that allows you to plan out your route and adjust your convoy along the way.

As you play through the missions you get new abilities, like power ups, that allow your convoy to have increased attack power in certain areas of effect location and / or repair zones depending on power ups you choose. Another great ability is the swapping of the line formation of your convoy, which allows you to put the lower health allies in the middle to be protected while the heavier artillery is placed in the frontline. As you wipe out enemies they drop power up packs to replenish your boosts. The graphics are packed nicely with a great sound engine to put you in the battlefield scene. The maps are nicely detailed and really gives you the feel of being an eye in the sky.

In the end, Anomaly Korea is a great action-based tactical game that lets you completely control and upgrade your convoy as you play, increase your unit’s attack power and / or health, and unlocking power ups that help you dramatically along the missions. If the gameplay goes a little slow for you then the added button for fast-forwarding the missions also add greater exhilaration to the game. This game is priced a bit high at $3 compared to other games of the genre, but it does a great job with its tactical approach – better than most apps out there that are cheaper. Download it in the app store today: Anomaly Korea by Chillingo.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store