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These runner type games are really insanely popular these days and Angry Gran Run from the good folks at is possibly the most crazy one I have played yet. And I am saying that as a compliment. If you think that you have seen and played it all this is one whacky and crazy game that is bound to get your attention.

Now I do not think that Angry Gran Run is the best looking running game I have played, but it certainly has one of the best game designs. The idea is that you playas the Angry Gran. Why is she so angry you may be asking yourself. Well it turns out this Angry Gran has just busted out of a insane asylum and she will be damned if she is going back there. She does not care if its the cops, dinosaurs, street punks, aliens or ladies of the night that are trying to stop her she will put a beating on them all.

This is a game that does not take itself to seriously and while it is not the best looking game in the world it still looks good. Everything is nice and smooth and the animation which to me is always crucial in a game like this is also great. I love the way that have gone out of there way to give us a great and interesting story line here and one that is not like anything else in this genre of game.

The game play is a little different from your average runner game. You see Angry Gran in order to keep on moving needs to hit people in order to make money fall out of them. There is a great variety as I explained earlier of people and things to hit. The challenge is to get a precise hit as that will earn you some extra money. As well as hitting people on the streets you can also hit objects to get some money as well. Angry Gran can also wield some weapons. By holding down your finger she will charge up a Granny Time attack which does more damage. But if you miss you will be put in a wheelchair. There are some great weapons that you can buy in the in app store, but I never bought any and still had a great time.

There are a few things you need to worry about. Like if you miss some people Angry Gran can throw her back out. This is hilarious, but is also results in you not being able to hit people for a little while. As well as this there are cops who will slap you in a straight jacket which again results in you not being able to hit people. Why this is such a big deal? Well it is because like most other games like this you are trying to get as far as possible, but here you also need to have so much money in order to progress as well. This makes it quite challenging, but still a great deal of fun.

Angry Gran Run is an absolute blast. Not only is the subject matter great and different to what other games have out there. It also is a really fun game to play and I love the way that you need money as well as making sure your running a far distance. If you like games like Temple Run and other running style games then you really need to check this one out.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store