Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps ReviewFormat: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


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Tis the season to be jolly! And what better way to bring a little Christmas joy each day in the hectic run-up to Christmas than with this fantastic app. Advent 2012 is the follow-up to last year’s very successful and fun festive app Advent 2011. So what exactly is in store for us this year?

The idea of this app is just like your traditional advent calendar. You know the type you buy from stores; they have a picture of your favourite cartoon character on them and each day you get a nice and chalky piece of chocolate…….. well you do if one of your siblings has not opened up all the doors and ate your chocolates. Who needs this hassle when you can have an Advent calendar on your iOS device that will give you a fun new game each day?

Of course, as its a surprise as to what app is behind each door, it is very hard to say from a presentational point of view how each of the apps is, but the app itself looks very pleasant and will bring a nice smile to your face when you open a door. It may look a little simplistic, but it certainly does have that Christmas charm.

Now onto the apps that you will be getting. Of course they are being kept a secret, but they have promised that there will be many four and five-star rated games behind the doors of this advent calendar. Now I will spoil the first game for you that is behind door number one. You will be presented with a Christmas cookie of Santa and it is your job to destroy this cookie. You do this by tapping the screen. It is very basic, but oh is it so much fun. And it is a great start to the Advent calendar.

Of course door number one is a very simple game, but by the time Christmas day comes around you would have amassed a great collection of games on your device. The games will range in what genre they are from, and will be from a wide range of developers.

It really is hard not to recommend this app. It is just so much fun. Even if you only play the game behind the door for five minutes its perfect. It is also great for your kids who will eagerly each day wake up wanting to know what the new game will be. The only person who would not really be into this type of Christmas fun would be the Grinch, but even he would find it hard to resist the charm of the Advent 2012: 25 Christmas app. Above all else this app is fun and it takes away the hassle of you looking for a new game or app each day to keep yourself entertained.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store