In September 2012, Tim Cook asked consumers for feedback on the iPhone 5. Consumers responded that they would like a longer battery life, better mapping software and a larger screen.

It’s believed that all of these requests will be honored. Many leaks of large iPhone 6s models have been coming out recently. With a larger screen, there will also be room for a larger battery.

And since Apple has started offering two versions of its iPhones – 5S and 5C for example – many speculate that Apple will offer an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6C as well.

This option will allow consumers to make the choice between a phone that is expensive and has a longer battery life or a phone that is cheaper and does not.

With the hardware being taken care of with a large phone, all Apple has to do is improve its mapping software. Which for a technology giant it doesn’t seem like it will take a lot on their part.

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