Zen Training Review

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Zen training is a challenging puzzle game for $1 by developer Josh Presseisen. It focuses on the zen theme of a peaceful japanese zen garden.

Zen training is based on the concept of peace and chaos, you control a turnstile near a tree that drops mana stones. These mana stones are color coordinated and your job is turn the wheel in order to make the sure the right color falls on the right stones. While it sounds simple the puzzles get really challenging and fast paced and overall addictive. Design wise the game matches with a nice peaceful sort of level design. The 3D based graphics really showcase the dynamic environments and fit well with the retina display.

Controls are intuitive and simple, you just turn the garden stones like a turnstile to match up the corresponding colors. All you need is one finger to play and enjoy a variety of puzzles. The game packs multiple levels with 5 different bonus levels to achieve more points in addition to the normal puzzles. On top of all of this is the great zen like soundtrack that sets the tone of the game. Your score is represented in the top left of your screen and you can pause the game at anytime in the top right.

-Great graphic detail
-Fitting Soundtrack

-1 simple game mode, isn’t for everyone

At its core zen training is a really fun puzzle game that if your fan will definitely get hooked to the addicting puzzles. However the game itself is very repetitive other than the levels getting more difficult there isn’t much more to it. No extra game modes, some small bonus levels but thats about it. Additionally it social support which is nice if you want to share out to your social networks. Despite these nice features Zen training is a very niche game. Puzzle fans like myself enjoyed it but its longevity in terms of game playability wasn’t that great. Controls are simple and gameplay is simple enough and can be addictive but thats about it. You get tired of the same routine and wish for more. However if you enjoy the zen theme and think you’ll get more out of it, you can find Zen Training in the app store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store