Wood Camera is a vintage photo editor by Bright Mango.

Wood Camera is a camera utility based on vintage photos. The app is simple and has nice interface to navigate for taking and editing your photos. At $1 it packs some nice features all centered around old school style effects. Some of the most notable features would be its filters. The vintage filters all differ and can be combined with whats called live lenses. While taking a picture in the app you can switch between 32 live lenses in real time to see how each lens alters the photo. The app also uses a lightbox feature so after you take all your photos you can choose only the best shot to save to your camera roll, this allows you save space and jump right into editing with that one good photo. This is one my favorite features as you don’t save every picture you take to your camera roll just the best shot out of the bunch. Editing in this app is where it really shines, it has over 32 lenses, 28 textures and 16 frames which you can use to create all types of effects. The ability to sharpen, add contrast, saturation/hue is also included. All effects are edited via basic sliders so even new photographers have a basic way of enhancing their photos.

Wood Camera Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

-Easy Editor
-Tons of Effects
-Social Networking Sharing

-Many other apps pack these filters+more for same price

Additional editing options include tilt shifts and vignettes along with so many other tools. You can also tap and hold on your picture to compare it to the original shot to see how dramatic the editing has changed the photo. The editor also has undo/redo buttons in case you ever make a mistake during the editing process. After you’ve finished editing your photo you can then choose to save it and export it to some of the popular social networks like Instagram. Overall the layout is nice and clean for a photo editor. It has tons of options at its disposal and can produce really old school sort of photo effects. Though Wood Camera focuses on vintage style while there are many apps out there at the same price which offer so much more filters/effects. So in this case your paying for a user interface which is really sleek for first timers. Its a great way to take a photo and effortlessly edit to upload to your favorite social networks. Though in the end there are many better apps out there in my opinion that offer more for the same cost. You get not only the vintage filters and tools but many other effects all in one app. Wood Camera is only $1 and if your looking for a vintage photo editor than this is certainly for you. Find it today in the app-store, Wood Camera.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store