Wipeout developed through Activision publishing is a port of a famous TV show to the app scene.

Wipeout is a $1 game based from the TV show where contestants are running through obstacle courses trying not to wipeout. However wiping out in style achieves you extra points and unlockables. The varying levels offer many different obstacles, from moving platforms to gigantic bouncing balls. Controls are pretty well done you tap forward on the screen and hold to start running then tap to jump and interact with different obstacles. Your end goal is to do what you can to make it to the wipeout zone in the best time you can. Running, jump, and dive your way through the multiple courses.

Wipeout Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Graphics wise the game has a nice 3D-based system that looks great! The interface is done well and in corporation with ABC brings the show to the small screen with this game. As you go along the game has tons of unlockables. Get new characters, equipment and so on to help give you an edge. One of the best features is the wipeout replay sessions. After wiping out you can watch your replay in slow motion and even choose to save and share the wipeouts.

Some cons if any are the in-app purchasing. The app has tons of them and tends to promote them to get extra points in order to buy more gear. The menu system is a bit cluttered and again filled with just promotion for getting more style points to help you customize your in game character.

-Great Graphics
-Fun Replay System
-Tons of unlockables

-A lot of In-App purchases promotion

If you’re new to the series of Wipeout you can play other game modes like time trial mode to get a grasp of the obstacles courses and game itself. Replay ability of the game is also something worth noting. Try beating your old time or even a friends time. Each new contestant you unlock helps with their own unique ability that may help you shave off time in your run.

If your a fan of the show Wipeout the game does a great job of actually putting you in and doing your best to beat your competitors in various courses. Controls are great and the sense of competitiveness is nicely integrated with achievements and score-boards. You have the ability to see your friends scores and do your best to beat their times and face off against tougher contestants. Huge fans of the show will appreciate the integration of fan favorite themes like Sports Night and Old Macballsy. The game has a nice UI with a really fun sort of ragdoll physics to it. If your into physics based obstacle courses and or just a fan of the show then look no further than the official wipeout app. Find it for the iPhone or iPad in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store