Where’s my Perry is a Disney developed game from the show Phineas and Ferb. A $1 puzzle based game where you play as agent Perry.

Where’s my perry challenges you with multiple physics based puzzles. Each puzzle requires you to use water in different forms be it steam or liquid and solve the puzzle. Controls are really simple as you swipe through paths to allow water to flow down. Interface wise the game has nice vibrant graphics, it matches well with the whole spy themed menus.

You play Agent Perry the platypus who is tasked with saving the world. On your way to headquarters you get caught in the transportation tubes and have to solve your way out. Over 100 challenging puzzles each with their own obstacles. Water comes in many different forms from solids to liquids and even gas. You experience waters many forms throughout the puzzles making it a bit more challenging. Theres a current free version of the game out with limited levels, if you looking for the full experience than its definitely worth dropping the $1.

Where's My Perry Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

-100 + levels
-Easy controls
-Based off popular show

None noted

Despite the game being based on a children’s show the game really appeals to all ages. The puzzles are simple when you start but progress in difficulty making it fun for all sorts of puzzle lovers. As you progress further into the story new obstacles like lasers and even inators. A separate game mode allows you to play as Dr.D the evil doctor. You play a variation of the puzzles in which you aim to help him create his own evil army. This mode allows for a play from another perspective. In that role your aimis to take over the tri-state area and develop your own agency. You use your powerful laser to transform normal objects into evil agents.Many collectibles and unlockables are available as well as you progress. You get titles like master-spy etc as you complete achievements through each level.

Overall if your looking for a fun puzzle game with great physics engine than where’s my perry will meet your needs. A bonus if your a fan of the show as it takes many of the characters and themes directly from the show. Whether you want to play on your iPad or your iPhone for $1 Where’s my perry is a well made physics puzzle app. Find it in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store