Now that you can use iTunes in iCloud, you can access all of your favorite TV shows and music whether you are by your computer or not. To get started, launch iTunes from your PC or Mac, choose Preferences and click on the Store tab. From the bottom of the Store tab section, make sure that Show iTunes in the Cloud purchase is checked. From this point iCloud is now enabled for your iTunes data.

When you have iTunes connected to iClouds you can stream shows, movies and music without having to download them first which will save storage on your hard drive.  All you have to do is double click on what you want to stream from iCloud. If you do want to download data to iTunes to have on your computer, iPhone or iPad,  instead of double clicking on it, click on the little cloud icon that shows up next to the data. You will know its downloading when you see a download icon in the upper right hand corner of iTunes.

If you want take items out of iTunes on your computer, you can delete them from iTunes, but they will still show up in iCloud. To do this, launch iTunes 11 and find whatever TV shows, movies or music that you don’t want to have saved on your computer, then right click on it and choose Delete. Make sure before you confirm this deletion that the option to delete from iCloud is NOT checked. Then you can just choose to move the item to Trash and will still see it in iTunes, but with the cloud icon beside it so you know it’s saved in iCloud and not on your computer anymore.