If you are a volunteer coordinator, fundraiser, or just want to get involved in your community by volunteering or donating, these apps will be a tremendous help.

The CHECK-IN FOR GOOD nonprofit app for iPhone allows users to find donation hotspots and then just “check-in” to that location to send a micro-donation. For example, by partnering with a local business, a nonprofit can get small donations every time someone checks in to that business.

The ONE TODAY iPhone app allows users to donate $1 and match peer donations for a new nonprofit every day. Users can choose what type of nonprofits they are more interested in donating to and is available to approved Google for nonprofit members.

The MYWHEREABOUTSnonprofit app for iPhone allows fundraisers to register their events such as charity walks so participants can track their location, time, distance, pace and route in real time. Users can share their progress on their favorite social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and these updates include links to the organizations donation page to help raise additional funds.

The ONE DAY’S WAGES iPhone app is a grassroots movement of people, organizations, and actions that are focused on ending extreme global poverty. The app encourages people to donate one day of their wages in order to help further the vision of the nonprofits involved in this movement.

The INSTEAD nonprofit app for iPhone encourages users to make small daily changes in their routine to save money which can then be donated to their favorite cause. For example, instead of buying a coffee at an expensive coffee shop, users can pack a thermos of their home brewed coffee instead and send the money saved to their favorite charity.

The VOLUNTEERMATCH iPhone app matches volunteers to charity events and volunteer opportunities so they can keep up with their civic involvement.

The BUDGE CHALLENGE nonprofit app for iPhone is a gaming app where users challenge each other to contests. The loser donates a micro-donation to their favorite charity and winners are published to Facebook.