If you are a driver, having some iPhone apps to help you do things such as know where the least expensive gas is can help you enjoy driving even more. Here are a few of the best apps to choose:

The GasBuddy app for iPhone is free and allows users to find the best gas prices in their area, including diesel gas. It also includes driving directions to each gas station for help if you are gassing up out of town.

The Dynolicious Classic iPhone app is $8.99 and uses your iPhone’s built-in accelerometers to gauge lateral and longitudinal acceleration and horsepower. This way you can measure acceleration from zero to sixty in quarter mile increments. You can then graph, save and compare your results with other drivers. For $12.99 you can share results online.

The Repair Pal app for iPhone is free and allows you to get quotes for what you will pay in your area for typical car repairs. Users say the quotes come out just a bit higher than what they have actually ended up paying, but it’s a good way to find out where you can get some of the best car repair prices.

The Witness Driving iPhone app is $0.99 and works as a dash cam so you can protect yourself from insurance fraudsters, bad drivers and perhaps even an undeserved ticket. The app has a record looping function and logs time, date, speed, location and acceleration. You do need a windshield mount for it to work properly and those can be picked up at just about any store that sells automotive accessories.

The Waze app for iPhone is free and is so good that Google bought it for a billion dollars because it’s so much more than just another navigation app. Instead, this app uses social media to pinpoint traffic jams, accidents and gas prices in real time. It will even tell you if law enforcement is close by. It will reroute your destination using side streets as well which many other GPS style apps don’t do.

The Honk iPhone app is $0.99 and helps you with parking challenges such as remembering where you parked, how to get back to your parking spot and how much time you have left on a meter. It will also let you know what is around you such as gas stations or coffee houses.

The Car Minder Plus app for iPhone is $2.99 and will remind you when you should get maintenance for your car and will keep a record of all the services and repairs you get for your car and tracks fuel economy. It will work for multiple vehicles too, so you can use it for your home vehicle and work car if you want to.

The PlugShare iPhone app is free and helps drivers with plug-in hybrid or full-blown EV vehicles find the closest charging stations. It also breaks them down by which ones are home stations, public stations, quick-charge stations and which ones are in use. You can get directions to the stations and direct message charger owners.

The Augmented Driving app for iPhone is $2.99 and requires a windshield mount to work. It offers users the ability to have front collision and lane departure warnings. It also has programmable speed warnings to help you drive safer.