If you are a huge Easter fan or have young ones around you that are, you will love the following apps:

The Parents Calling Easter Bunny app is $2.00 and will make a pretend call to children. There is even a “naughty” option that parents or babysitters can choose that will let the young ones know they had better behave.

The Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living app for iPhone is only $1.00 and has a variety of egg dyeing tutorials, crafts, and advice to create gorgeous Easter eggs for all your holiday celebrations.

The iColor Easter Eggs app for iPhone is $2.00 and is a coloring app that allows you to color in Easter eggs just by lightly touching the screen.

The Easter Booth app for iPhone is $1.00 uses Photoshop clip art to create your images into Easter motifs. You can then share these images with your social networks.

The ClickySticky Easter app is $1.00 and allows you to fill an Easter basket, decorate eggs and create other Easter themed works of art.

The Pat the Bunny app is $2.00 and is an app version of the classic book. There are extra activities such as eggs hidden on every page for young ones to look for.

The Easter Rush app is free and is a game where you help the Easter bunny catch eggs that are dangling in trees to help him make sure to hide all his eggs on time.

The Easter Bunny Fingers! app is $1.00 and is an augmented reality app that makes it look like real bunnies are running all around your current location.

The Happy Easter, Little Critter is $1.00 and is based on the popular Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter character. In the app, Little Critter has a Happy Easter and you have to help him find the 100 eggs that are hidden throughout the pages of the story.

The Rocket Bunny Free app is free and is a game where you help the rocket-propelled bunny drop eggs in baskets without getting stung by some pesky bees.

The Easter Bunny My Face is a free app that uses your iPhone’s camera to take pictures that you can add bunny accessories such as bunny ears and noses.