Whether you ride your bicycle for fun, commuting, sport, or for all of these things, having apps that will help you make the most of your love of biking will be great choices to add to your iPhone. Here are some of the most popular:

The Fahrenheit – Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen iPhone app is $0.99 and displays the weather on the home screen your iPhone so you know how to dress, whether to ride your bike for the day or avoid it due to rain, and when the sunrise and sunset times are so you can make sure you are riding during daylight hours if you prefer to avoid night time riding.

The Weather Radar app for iPhone is $2.99 and shows where storms clouds are coming from and what direction they are going so you can do your best to keep from getting caught in the rain.

The Bike Maps – maps for urban and rural cycling routes iPhone app is $0.99 and includes bike maps for cities and biking trails so you can plan your trips. It has offline support so you can still use the app even if your Wi-Fi is spotty.

The Mountain Bike Trails app for iPhone is $1.99 and includes trails so you can plan mountain biking trips.

The Bike Safety iPhone app is $0.99 and is filled with important safety trips such as how to dress at night to increase visibility for drivers, how to cross streets on your bike and more.

The Simple Dashboard app for iPhone is free and measures speed and distance of your biking trips. It also has weather information a recorder for your trips and maps.

The iMapMyRide+ Cycling, Bicycling, Bike, Ride, GPS, Tour iPhone app is $1.99 and keeps tracks of everywhere you bike to. You can share your ride data with friends if you want as well.

The LightBike2 app for iPhone is free and is a fantasy bike riding game where you drive a Tron-styled bike for those days you can’t get out on your real bike.

The BMX Wallpapers iPhone app is $1.99 includes more than 100 biked inspired images so you can set the wallpaper on your iPhone with your favorite biking pictures.