If you love celebrities, you will definitely want to check out the apps that are created by them of for them. Here are a few of the best.

The Virtually Tom Daley celebrity app for iPad is $1.99 at the Apple iTunes store and sends out “headcasts” of Tweets that he creates. This headcasts are animated and spoken in Tom’s voice.

The Kiss Justin Bieber celebrity iPad app is free but you have to pay for “relationship tokens”. The app allows users to meet Justin Bieber at virtual holiday resorts and kiss him. The kisses can be sped up or slowed down but users have to keep his interest and not get caught in order to achieve “Mrs. Bieber” status.

The ArtPop celebrity app is free and created by Lady Gaga. Users of this app can interact through the app and it will unlock bonus tracks to her third album, which will be released through the app.

The Snoopify celebrity app for iPad is another free app that allows users to decorate their photos with graphics and stickers from Snoop’s G-funk era through his Rasta reggae genre of music. In app purchases allow users to do things such as emit sparkly puffs of multi-colored smoke.

The Wake Up with Pam celebrity app is $0.99 and is an alarm clock that includes sexy pictures of Pamela Anderson with her voice urging you to get out of bed.

The Ask the Hoff celebrity app for iPad is also $0.99 and is an app created by David Hasselhoff. This app says things such as, “In our darkest hour, we’ll ask ourselves: What would the Hoff do?” Users can turn up the volume to ask a question and then shake the iPad to get an answer.

The Shatoetry celebrity app for iPad features William Shatner from Star Trek. Users make up poetry and William Shatner’s voice will read it out loud. The app can be customized to place emphasis on particular phrases for a more dramatic recitation.

The Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe celebrity iPad app is $6.58 and is a 3D tour of the universe from the smallest particles of stars to the largest planets. It also includes more than 200 interactive articles, infographics and impressive animation.

The Taylor Swift Greeting Cards celebrity app for iPad is free and allows users to customize greeting cards that they can email or share with their friends. An in app purchase will allow you to attach Taylor Swift’s songs to the cards you create.