The Automatic Link can be plugged into any car built after 1996. It connects into the car’s OBD-II port and effectively “links” all of the diagnostic information straight to your phone. The Automatic app then turns all of this information into meaningful data that can improve your driving experience. It monitors gas-guzzling driving habits, dials 911 in the case of an accident and even lets you clear a check engine light.

The Automatic Link

The Automatic Link

The device itself is pretty simple. It’s a tiny white plastic plug with a small LED indicator that lets you know if the device is connected to the OBD-II port. It also has a accelerometer for detecting rough braking, rapid acceleration, and many other driving factors. The accelerometer is also used in detecting if you’ve crashed. If a crash is detected then Automatic uses your phone’s data connection to report the crash to 911 with your name, location and vehicle description.

Another thing that the Automatic Link is able to monitor is speeding. According to the Automatic website, driving 10MPH over the speed limit reduces fuel efficiency by 12-15%.

Trip Timeline and Drive Score

The Automatic Link also maintains a driving score based on the numerous factors it records. The higher your score is, the more gas you’ll save every year.

In addition to the driving score, Automatic also displays detailed information about your week and other driving trips. It can tell you where you drove, how much you drove, MPG’s for all your trips, and many other things. Automatic even detects fill-ups in some cars and also tracks local gas prices.

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Where Can I Buy One?

Although the Automatic Link was scheduled to be released on May, it’s been delayed due to setbacks in the Automatic iOS app. You can still get it for the Motorola Droid, HTC, Samsung Galaxy or Google (LG) phone models; but the iOS version won’t be out until September.


You can pre-order the Automatic Link for $69.95 on the official site.