tiny wings review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Andreas Illiger

You have to love the whole back story of Tiny Wings. In a day and age when huge video game companies like EA, Ubisoft and Capcom now clearly have there sights set on the iOS. Its awesome to see that there is still room for a little guy to make a big splash. What is amazing about this game is that it was made by just one gentleman and it has absolutely blown up with the better part of 6 million downloads as I write this.

From a presentational point of view this game has “it” there will be a huge line of merchandise to go with this game I have no doubt about that at all. The little bird characters are just so cute and the whole world that has been created looks wonderful as well. This is one fine looking game and on a nice big iPad screen it simply looks phenomenal. As your go through a level the hills will change as will the design of the level.

But as good as the game looks it is the game play that has won people over. The core game play is that you need to help a nice little bird get through the level. You do this with just one finger (no not the middle one) by touching the screen your little bird will start to pick up some steam. The levels are full of hills and knowing when to let go at the right moment is the key. Because this will make your little bird gain some height and this is how you can grab coins and really have some fun. The cool thing is that you are playing against the sun. Playing against the sun? Yes that is right you see you need to keep ahead of the sun. If it catches up to you your little bird will fall asleep and it is game over.

Tiny Wings is a very simple game, but that really is its charm. This is easily a game that fits right in with other iOS hits like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Where’s My Water and Fruit Ninja just to name a few. One thing I will say that while this first version of the game is amazing. A new version has just hit so you may want to just jump into that one right away. But for under a buck it is well worth having this on your iOS device just to see how one little guy managed to make this huge juggernaut of a game.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store