temple run 2

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Imangi Studios

The first Temple Run game was a huge hit. Well actually if we are being honest when it was first released it was doing well, but as soon as that sucker went free to play it juts blew up and became this global phenomenon. It was one of those games that pretty much everyone with a iOS device was downloading. So with that being said people were just salivating for the sequel.

Temple Run 2 is a gorgeous game to stare at. This time you will be running in a mysterious lost city that is in the clouds. The level and character design really is quite spectacular. If I am honest I was expecting the game to pretty much use the same graphics of its predecessor, but credit to the developers. Because they clearly went above and beyond to make this such a great looking game.

Now let me just talk about the core game play of Temple Run 2 it plays exactly the same as the original Temple Run, but trust me when I tell you that this is a very good thing. The basic controls for those of you who do not know are that you use swipes to make your charter turn left and right and jump and duck. It is a very simple control scheme that any one can pick up and play. It must have been so tempting for Imangi Studios to tinker with this for the sake of tinkering, but I for one am glad they did not. The idea of the game has not changed you need to run for as long as you can. You die and then you try and see if you can ran a little bit further next time.

Still Temple Run 2 is not just the same game in a new setting. There have been some things added that do a great job of expanding the game play experience. There are some new power ups and and upgrades for your characters that you can buy with the gems you collected. The biggest changes to the game play are the zip line and the mine cart sections that will pop up. These are handled so well and are never over used that each time you come across one it is actually genuinely exciting.

One thing that I love about Temple Run 2 is the way that the in app purchases are handled. It is entirely possible to play this game without ever putting your hand in your pocket to rummage around for lose change. But the game does make sure that you know each time you die that if you are willing to pay then you can carry right on. Honestly it is never over the top aggressive with the way it goes about its in app purchases. Which to me at least is much appreciated.

Over all Temple Run 2 is a great game. If you liked the first game you will like this. But do not go into it expecting something brand new. Instead you are getting a more refined and over all better game play experience. Perhaps thinking of it as Temple Run 1.5 is a better way to go. Over all though this is a great little game and one you simply have to download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store