Talking Angela ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Out Fit 7 Limited

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I will admit right off the bat that I do not get the appeal of these kind of apps. But as my iPad is full of talking things dinosaurs, monkeys, Santa, birds and a ton of other stuff thanks to my kids. I guess that there clearly is a huge appeal for these types of apps. So I took a little bit of a different approach with this one. While I did have a play around with it for the most part I watched my daughter play it and got her thoughts on it.

Talking Angela looks amazing. Angela is a cat and she is in what I am guessing is a coffee shop in Paris. Angela herself is very well designed and she actually looks like a high quality CGI character model that you would find in a movie.

This is not a game it is more just an app for fun. And the way that you have fun is by interacting with Angela. One thing I noticed right away is that Angela does not seem able to repeat what you say to her like many other apps like this do. While I found this a god send my daughter was not as impressed, but I will add that she got over it pretty quickly.

So what can you do with Angela? Well you can pet her (hey come on now this is a kids app!) which she will like and purr with approval. Or you can just poke at her which will annoy her. My son seemed to take great pleasure in doing this while my daughter was trying to play the game.

You can also give Angela a variety of gifts. This can be food and drink or cloths and accessories. I do not know what it is with apps that let you dress things that keep little girls so amused for hours on end, but Talking Angela must be pretty decent in this regard as it did keep my daughter entertained for a while.

You can also chat with Angela, but this is a little misleading as while there is a huge range of topics that you can chat to her about you do it all through text. Which for younger kids really is not that much fun. There are many voice recognition apps like this out there and I really think that would have made this app better.

In all if you have young kids this app is great. Like I said it kept my daughter entertained for a very long time. And there does seem to be lots of different things that Angela can do. But just remember that there can be quite a great deal of typing involved so your kids may not be able to play this that well on there own. Still as the app is free if you have kids it is certainly worth a download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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