subway surfers

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Kiloo

Now I will openly admit right now that when I was first asked to review this I was just expecting another endless runner game that would be great for five minutes and then I would never play again. Well I finally got round to giving this game a try. Thanks to some constant nagging from a buddy of mine. And I am actually disappointed with my self that it took me so long to get around to playing this little gem.

I love the way that Subway Surfers looks. My wife when I was playing it asked me if it was a game based on a movie. And that is actually a great way to describe the overall look of this game. It has that Pixar/DreamWorks style look to it. All the characters have a cute, but highly detailed look and the environments are also very well designed. High polish is a term that is used to describe many mobile games this generation, but truth be told I cannot think of a better way to describe Subway Surfers.

Game play is similar to other endless runner games, but that does not make it bad. The idea is that your character is always running forward. You control there movements. What is really cool is that there is three tracks for you to run along or roofs of trains. And swiping left and right lets you move along the tracks. It is a very easy control scheme and considering the speed that the game moves at you never die because of a fault with the controls. Which really in a game like this is all you can ask for.

Now to keep things fresh and exciting there are a few things that you can collect. There are tons of coins all over the levels and you will want to get as many of these as you can. Sometimes you have to make a split second judgment call on whether or not a bunch of coins is worth the risk. As well as this there are some great power ups for you to collect as well. My favourite power ups were the jet pack and most specifically the coin magnet. The coin magnet is great and well worth getting s it makes it so much easier to collect the coins. You also have sneakers which will make you run faster and a score multiplier power up as well. Honestly though I would not really recommend risk dying in order to pick up these two power ups.

Now you can actually buy coins from the in game store, but truth be told the game is very generous in the coins it gives you during game play. So this is a game that you can play without having to spend a single penny. This is great news if you are a cheapskate like I am. I always like to give a developer credit when they have a fair way of including in app purchases in a game. And Subway Surfers is certainly a game that is more than fair in this regard.

Now let me just say that Subway Surfers is not going to reinvent the endless runner genre. But it does what it does incredibly well. It ticks all the boxes of what makes a game great. It has fantastic graphics and a great frame rate that keeps everything running nice and smooth. And even more importantly it is a ton of fun to play.

Subway Surfers I would say is one of those games that is an essential purchase. It is a rare game that can appeal to gamers of all ages. So get on the app store and download this game right now!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store