stickman kingdom

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: D2C Inc

Stickman Kingdom is a very interesting game. One thing that I feel the iOS era of gaming has done is really make game developers more creative in there artistic choices. Can you imagine ten years ago if a game came out that was primarily about stick people? People would have never gave it the time of day.

While the game is called Stickman Kingdom I am sure that in your mind you are thinking of a black and white game with crudely drawn stick figures. Well my friends you could not be more wrong. Stickman Kingdom is a wonderful looking game. Yes the characters in the game are stick people, but the environments are just gorgeous. The art direction here is phenomenal and everything about the game even the stick figures just oozes personality. I love the different types of stickmen that you can use. The samurai ones in particular are my favourites, but there are others like pirates, knights and ninjas at your disposal.

So the basic way to describe just what Stickman Kingdom is about is this. You build a kingdom of stickmen and take down monsters. That is the basic idea of what is going on. Now to me that alone sounds fantastic, but once you get into the game there is quite a bit of depth and I have no doubt this will turn out to be one of those games that steels hours of your life away.

Building your kingdom will require you to build homes and places to plant crops. This will enable you to grow and make your stickman army stronger. Sure we have built kingdoms in other games, but I do not know what it is here there is just something a little different about it. Maybe its just the art style I do not know, but this game certainly has that “it” factor. Now the developers have claimed that there is over a billion. Yes that is not a typo I did say billion combinations of Stickman armies at your disposal. Now I have a life (well that is debatable) so I have not had the pleasure of making a billion combinations, but what I have seen is a fantastic variety and never once did I get fed up with it.

I would say that once you have built a half decent army the fun begins, but the truth is building your army is actually really fun. Anyway now you can take on various monsters with your stickman army. You have a great range of attacks at your disposal and when you mix you stickmen together or as the game calls it fusion. They can become stronger. The combat is great and it reminded me of a action RPG style game.

Stickman Kingdom is a great game and it is one that I am encouraging people to try out. If you like building style games then give it a shot. If you like RPG style games then check it out. Overall this is a game that is just fun to play. I am sure the art style will grab your attention, but then the fun game play will keep you hooked.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store