Sky Gamblers Review
US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Atypical Games

I have never been a gamer who is into these flight sim games. They are far too complex for me. The one time I did try and play one at a buddies house when I was a kid he nearly had some kind of fit as he watched me screw up his game. The thing is I do like flight games just not ones that to me at least take all the fun out of flying and make things to serious. Well Sky Gamblers peaked my interest as it’s a flying game that is trying to appeal to everyone.

Sky Gamblers is just a gorgeous game to look at. While you can play it on an iPhone and an iPod Touch I think that to really see how great this looks its best played on an iPad. The level of detail is just amazing. I am sure that people who are big into World War II era planes will love the attention to detail here. The game has a great story that sees you as a pilot in World War II you will fight at Pearl Harbour and defend the UK in Battle Of Britain. The single player campaign was really fun and I did find myself wanting to get right to the end of it.

As well as having a great single player campaign I think the real reason that so many people will be buying this game is because of the fantastic multiplayer that the game has. I have just had so much fun playing this in multiplayer. And I will be honest I am not the biggest multiplayer fan out there, but this was just so much fun. You can just have an all out battle to the death or you can do things like defend your own basses from enemy attacks. There really is a good variety of things to do in the multiplayer. And no two games in a row every feel just the same. And of course the multiplayer locations, levels or whatever you want to call the backdrops look amazing as well. And the whole thing runs at a blistering pace.

As well as having a great single player and multiplayer mode you have some great things that you can unlock there is a great variety of planes for you to try and unlock. I am sure this will keep a person who is a plane enthusiast very happy. As I am a guy who is not really into planes, but I found myself trying to unlock some of the cooler looking ones.

What I think really sets this game apart from all the other flight games I have played and I will be really honest here I have not played a great deal. But the thing that won me over in this game was its wonderful controls. There are just so many control options. You can play this pretty much like an arcade fighter jet game along the lines of a game like After Burner where your pretty much just worrying about shooting down other planes. Or if you are more skilled you can go for much more complex controls that put you n far greater control of your plane.

While this game did peak my interests I never expected to have as much fun with it as I did. At under a buck you really cannot go wrong. There is a vast amount of in app purchases for various weapons and things like that, but they are pretty fairly priced. But if you are a tight wad like me it is possible to play this game without spending anything more than your first dollar and still have some great fun.