Royal Defense Review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: 8Floor

Man I was a bit nervous going into this one. Even if I know I am buying a game I always check out the reviews on the app store. Don’t really know why. Let’s just say that I am a nosey SOB. But this game there was a great deal of people asking for their money back and saying that it did not work. But I managed to download it and it fired up first time no problems. So I guess there was some major issue, but whatever it was appears to have been fixed.

Which I am glad because the few screen shots that I saw for this game made it look really cool. The first thing that popped into my head when I first played this game was Dungeons & Dragons. The game has that kind of vibe to it. The various monsters that you see look amazing. Whoever designed these creatures is one very talented individual indeed. Not just that, but the whole game overall looks great. I thought the story was pretty cool as well and it did make you want to beat the game. The basic idea of the story is that there is this horrible Troll army that are at war with the dwarves. And the game is about the conflict between the two. If you are into things like Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons then I am sure you will get sucked in by the story like I did.

This is a tower defence game genre and I have a somewhat rocky relationship. It is mainly down to me not having the patience to stick with them, but more often than not I just find them so overly complex. But sometimes a tower defence game feels like it was made for a guy like me. And this is one of those games. It is pretty easy to get to grips with and the story always made me want to stick with it.

It’s pretty cool building your towers, castles or whatever it is you like to call them. You can then dish out so pretty cool looking spells to keep the trolls at bay. One thing I really liked and it was perfect for someone like me. Was the menu system. When you tap on something more often than not you will get a nifty little menu with some options of things that you can do. I am sure this may sound basic for you tower defence veterans, but this came in really handy for me. It was so easy to tap on one of my towers to then see how I could upgrade it or what I could do with it. Rather than having to go into separate menus.

As well as being very easy to play one other thing that kept me interested in the game was just how short the battles are. Sometimes in a tower defence game it can feel like a battle lasts forever. When you are on the wrong end of a butt kicking this is no fun at all. But here the developers have made this game for people on the go. So you can have a quick blast during your lunch break or whatever. It also felt like each new battle introduced some new kind of tower or spell or something else that I could use. This stopped the game from every really getting boring.

Royal Defence: Invisible Threat is a great tower defence game. It is just so easy to pick up and play and it has immaculate presentation. I also think this would be a great entry into the Tower Defence genre for people who have never really gotten into this type of game. It’s only a buck, but you can pay to unlock other episodes or get more gems if you so wish. But I have had a great deal of fun just playing what you get in the basic game.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store