real racing 3

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod

Developer: EA

Real Racing 3 is a game that has been on the radar for many mobile gamers for a while now. The screen shots and video previews that EA have been leaking out have done a great job in getting people excited for the game. Real Racing 3 is a game that is aiming to bring the world or motor racing to the palm of your hand.

One of the reasons many people were so excited for this game is because of the way it looks. Outstanding is a great word that I think best sums up the way this game looks. I mean seriously I do not think it is going to far to say you could mistake this for a early Playstation 3 game. It really does look that good. And it is not just the cars either the tracks, the environments and everything about this game is great. As well as this it runs silky smooth. There is the occasional slow down, but not so much that it ever really becomes a issue.

Let me now talk about the game play before we go onto anything else. If you have played Real Racing 2 then you will fit right in here. For those of you new to the series. You will be pleased to know that this is a joy to play. Real Racing 3 offers a few different ways to play. You can use the tilt controls or you can use on screen controls to steer your vehicle. Or if you want you can play using a combination of both styles. So no mater what there will be a control scheme for you. This is a very solid and fun racer. I really have no complaints over the core game play at all. Just know this is more of a simulation based game and not a arcade racer. So in other words if you are a gamer who likes to fly round corners at 100mph then this may not be for you.

So the game looks great and it plays great and of course it is free so what is the catch? Well there is a catch and it is quite a big one, but let me go into a little bit of background first. You see I am reviewing this game at a very interesting time. You see just recently EA announced that they will now include micro transactions in all of there games. Not just mobile games, but console games as well. Well if Real Racing 3 is an indication of how aggressive EA are going to be with there in game micro transactions then I am sure there will be quite the backlash.

Real Racing 3 is a great racing game let me just stress that. But the way the game always is hustling you to spend a buck here or two bucks there it really does start to get on your nerves. After a race for example you will be required to have your car repaired. If you want this to happen fast then you better pay up. I will mention that you can race other cars while one is being repaired. But you want to know how you get more cars? Yep you guessed it you have to pay for them.
Real Racing 3 is a game that is designed to get you to spend money. This is a game that really does show the ugly side of free to play. Everything in the game is against you. If you want to get the most out of this game you are going to have to pay there is no other way round this.

I really hate to be so negative about this game. I mean had EA released this at say 15-20 bucks I am sure there would have been a outcry that this is to much for a mobile game, but once word got out what a great game it is I am sure people would have been accepting. Instead they have tried to pass of a free game when it is anything but. Which is a damn shame as they have created a great racing game here. But at the end of the day it is possible to play this game for free so I would say it is certainly worth trying out and if you love the game then it may well be worth all the micro transactions. But at the very least its worth a try as it won’t cost you a dime to download.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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