Plants vs Zombies is a classic pop cap title recently reduced to $1.

The aim of the game is to survive a horde of zombies trying to invade your lawn. Using plants you develop an army to help you take out the zombies. Each level sends over an increasing amount of zombies, some more stronger than others. The adventure mode offers over 50 levels to play through. Varying from night, day, a swimming pool and much more.

Controls are nicely integrated, you pick up plants and tap where you want them to go on the lawn depending on the grid. After that the plants shoot for themselves, its all about strategically placing them down. As you play the game sunshine coins drop from the sky and as you click them these generate points for you to buy more plants to implement into battle. The graphics are decent and have a nice cartoon appeal to them. Though the app has yet to be updated to iPhone 5 resolution which is a bit of a con.

Plants vs. Zombies Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Varying game modes are integrated into Plants vs. Zombies to try and deviate from the traditional story mode. Garden variety ghouls offer zombies who are bit faster and stronger. Even some who’ll pole vault over your plants. Smashing fun offers 9 unique levels where zombies hide throughout vases.

-Decent Graphics
-Varying Game modes

-Lack of updates

Coins are the currency of the game and via in-app purchases you can buy a ton to help you buy in-game items. The game even has a little mini zen garden you can build. Buy pants from the game and plant them in a little virtual garden of your own. Power-ups as well can be purchased through the game to help you get things that help you survive the horde of zombies.

Being ported from PC/Mac version Pop Cap did a great job bringing the game to the small screen. If you love zombies and plants mixed in with some tower defense sort of game then this is for you. Plants vs zombies offers a great amount of fun with varying upgrades along the way. Unlock plants that serve as barricades and or just shooters. Zombie levels increase and the horde just gets more angrier. The game itself is packed with over 47 achievements. So there are tons of unique awards to win as you play through adventure mode. A really great game meets mobile, plants vs zombies is available for both the iPad and iPhone today. Find it for $1 in the app-store.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store