Plague inc by Ndemic creations is a $1 application that revolves around you creating a virus and spreading it throughout the world.

Plagues main objective is to get you to create an infection and see if you can have it spread across the world starting with patient zero. You customize your virus along the way allowing it to mutate and spread across the globe. The design of the app itself is very well done with retina supported graphics. Beautiful charts and maps are included in the game to see the progress of your virus and hows its spreading.

Plague Inc Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

You get to develop your virus throughout the game in multiple ways. Transmissions allow you to decide how the virus is transmitted be it by air, livestock, water supply, and so on. Next up are the symptoms of the virus, what it does to its patients ultimately your goal is for it to cause death. Lastly are its abilities, this allows you to create resistance to your virus to different climates of the world and resist that off cure/medication. As your virus continues to grow and spread it gains momentum on the governments radar as they race to find a cure to your virus. This speeds up the clock and requires you to get what are called DNA points quicker in order to put them into developing your virus.

-Unique gameplay
-Great user interface

-Lots of unlocks are required through In-App purchasing

Plague is a very unique in that your trying to start chaos through creating a virus. You watch as you mutate your uniquely made virus and as it causes pandemonium throughout the world. News tickers are integrated in the game to show you the progress of your virus in the media. It’s a very different approach to a game but none the less an entertaining one. At $1 for the iPhone or iPad it doesn’t really get better than this. A truly customizable experience and chaotic game to take on the go. You can watch slowly as your virus spreads or dies out or you can choose to speed up in-game time to see how it plays out. Over 50+ countries to infect with hundreds of different traits. The game is super comprehensive in terms of the combinations of details you can put into your virus. For new players it has a really detailed tutorial mode to walk you through the interface and all of its features. Support for scoreboards and achievements is also available so you can keep track of how your doing compared to friends and many others online. Best of all the game is available in not only English but other languages such as German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian and even French. Overall Plague is a truly new experience for mobile gaming and it packs tons of detail and gameplay into a $1 app. Definitely worth picking up, find Plague Inc for the iPhone or iPad in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store