pantheon the legends

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: RedAtoms Inc

Ah card battling games I do not know why it is these have such a hold over people, but they sure as heck do. I loved these when I was a kid and I am still more than happy to check a new one out now. Pantheon The Legend from RedAtoms Inc is the latest card game that is threatening to steal my life away. But is this a game for everyone?

This is a great looking card game. I think I may even go as far to say it is one of the best looking ones on the iOS. Everything about this game is great right from the menus to the battles. It has a Greek mythology theme to it and this is represented all over the game. I love that they stick with the theme throughout every aspect of the game.

The funny thing about Pantheon The Legends is that actually there is not really much to the game at all. But what there is will hook you and provide you will hours and hours of fun. There is no big huge end of the world type quest that you are going towards here. Instead you have to do a great amount of smaller quests. These quests will earn you some new cards and experience points. Which will then make you a little stronger and as a result make later quests that little bit easier. You need to build an army of bad ass cards that will make sure you win battles. You have the ability to dump cards that at one point may have served you well, but as you get further into the game no longer have any use.

Once you feel as though you have built up a decent enough deck of cards you can head into battle with another player. Now as well as getting the bragging rights by beating another player there is something far more important at stake. Treasure fragments are at stake in these battle and they will help you in future battles.

There really is not a great deal to the game. Just pressing buttons on the screen really is all there is to it. When you do this the game will then tell you what has just happened. I know this must sound incredibly boring, but the game really does hook you. It is so easy to kick back on the couch with this game and play it for ages. I think a large part of this is down to the games fantastic presentation. Pantheon The Legends is a card game that really can be played by anyone. I am sure long time card game fans like myself will appreciate this and it is nice and easy for a new player to get into as well. They really have a great balance here.

The game is free and I have not spent any money at all and I am actually doing pretty well. But I am sure this is a game that many people will be willing to spend some money in the in app store. If you have always wanted to to try out a card game, but felt they were a little intimidating then check this one out.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store