Over by Potluck is $2 utility for captioning your photos to upload to the web.
Over HD is a simple captioning app for photos. Add beautiful text to your photos anything from names, quotes, and so on to add a bit of creative touch. The app itself is very simple with an easy to use interface. Over is packed with tons of great typography fonts that many designers would appreciate. Regular users alike will appreciate the sheer number of options to choose in labeling their text. You can than realign, size and position your text simply with a couple of taps. After you’ve added text you can add a small number of effects to make the photo stand out. Effects like tint help your text be a bit more bold.

After captioning and editing your photo you then can share it out to the big networks like Instagram or Twitter. Beyond just text Over has support for graphics to drop into your photos for a little bit of fun. The uses of it can really be endless. Capturing memories with a photo and adding lines of text to tell a story or even slides for presentations. Possibilities of uses are really endless, it forces you in a sense to get creative with your photos and text.

Over HD Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

-Tons of fonts

-Many other apps offer more for cheaper

Over HD focuses a ton on the fonts and they do that really well. Many different fonts to match a picture whether it be funny or more serious tone the app has a font to match it. Despite all the great features and simple interface Over offers, there are just many more captioning apps for free or cheaper that do the same thing. Many of which may even do it better. Over relies on speed and simplicity but lacks in features in my opinion at its $2 price point. However its available for both iPhone and iPad which isn’t common for most of the other apps. If your looking for a simple yet effective captioning app and are willing to drop $2 then Over HD is for you.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store