NBA Jam is by Electronic Arts and is there aim to revive an old classic NBA title.

NBA jam is a great old game where you play in epic 2v2 battles on the court. Jam is all about high flying basketball. Mainly all about the monster jams or dunks the game has to offer. This takes the classic title and applies to an updated modern roster. Taking 2 stars from each NBA team. The game offers single player support as well a new multiplayer battle mode. You can vs friends who have the app easily via bluetooth or wifi. Graphics wise NBA Jam uses a mix of traditional graphics with old school. Big head mode which Jam was famous for has been ported to the iOS counterpart. Game center is also implemented to see your high scores as well as your friends.

NBA Jams Review

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Roster wise there are tons of the current stars integrated into the game as well as old legends. As you play you unlock new players and legends like Jordan. Controls are handles nicely with a directional on screen joystick and two buttons for shooting & dunking and or passing. Defense wise you have the option to jump to block the shots of your opponents. Jam is all about fast paced action, 2v2 on the court in your face basketball. This game redefines high flyer dunks and on fire action. The game did a great job of keeping a new roster up to date with all NBA teams included in the roster.

-Fun Gameplay
-Decent Graphics
-Updated Roster

-Experienced some graphic glitches
-Tons of In-App Purchase

The game has a lot of unlockables in terms of division team, however they’re mostly handled through $2+ in-app purchases. Despite that the default rosters are still more than enough to have some fun. NBA Jam did a great job of reviving an old classic to a new set of players. True basketball fans may not enjoy the non realistic aspect of jam but for those looking for quick 2v2 action basketball, look no further. The addition of multiplayer mode via iOS devices adds for a new sense of competition. Battle against your friends using bluetooth or wifi and have a great fun experience on each of your iOS devices. Dunking and or shooting to take the lead in the game.

Jam is polished with a new 3D graphic system and some simple analog controls. Despite the new adaptation is brings the old style of play to the phone. Find NBA Jam for$ 1 in the app-store today for all you true Jam fans.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store