mega run

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Get Set Games

If you think that you may have seen Redford before then chances are you remember him from the very popular game Mega Jump. Well Redford is back with a fantastic endless runner game. It was actually my son who wanted this game, but after a while I think I was more hooked on the game than he was.

Mega Run is one of the best looking endless runner games on the iOS. Let me just get that out there right away. Everything about this game from a visual point of view is designed to perfection. Redford is just such an awesome character, but Mega Run also has a whole cast of fantastic characters and I guarantee that if you have kids you will be on the mission to unlock them all. The various levels look amazing. The attention to detail in the level design is just staggering. I honestly think this is a game that could have an animated series and a whole bunch of merchandise made for it.

Mega Run is probably my favourite endless runner game and let me tell you why. There are probably easily a hundred different endless runner games on the iOS right now. But while Mega Run may not offer any crazy features, but everything that the game does is pretty much perfect.

Like other endless runners you character is always moving you start with Redford, but he has a whole bunch of buddies for you to unlock as you progress through the game. Where as most games like this will see you just run and run until you die. Mega Run actually has contained levels. So you beat one level then move onto another. There are numerous worlds that contain a large amount of levels. And all these worlds have a different theme.

Redford and his friends main method of attack is to jump on monsters heads, but he does have some power ups at his disposal. One really cool one makes your character giant and you can burst through blocks and just run through anything in your way. Another one will let you run faster. You even get one that lets you shoot. The power ups are fantastic and are spread well enough through the game that each time you get one it feels like a real treat.

Mega Run also offers great replay value. There are many different paths that you can take through each level. So grinding in this game actually is not tedious at all as you can take different platforms than you did before. If you went on the lower platforms for example on your first play through. Then on the second you can try and stick to the higher ones.

There are a vast amount of things for you to spend your hard earned in game currency on. The characters though for me are the best part. As you beat levels you will level up. And certain characters require you to be at a certain level before you can unlock them. I found that you levelled up at a very reasonable rate and that it was not necessary at all to spend any money in the in app store.

I hand on heart consider Mega Run to be one of the very best iOS games. I would easily put it in my top five. Heck I actually think it would make the top three. That is how good this game is. This is a must download for anyone who has a iOS device.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store