mega dragon run

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Human G & A

Human G & A are no strangers to making some great games on the iOS and they are back with there latest game Mega Dragon Run. If the name alone Mega Dragon Run does not grab your attention then I am sorry, but we cannot be friends. Ok we can be friends if you go and try out this fantastic game.

Mega Dragon Run looks amazing. Everything about this game just screams high quality. I love the art style of this game. All the various dragons at your disposal have this bad ass look to them and there own personality. But the level design is simply phenomenal. The game has a prehistoric look to it. I mean you have a bunch of cavemen that you need to take down, but the game also has a sci-fi look to it as well. I have not seen a sci-fi/prehistoric type setting since I was a kid watching Dino Riders. Not only does the game look great, but it also moves at a blistering pace.

The story of the game I am sure will bring a smile to your face. The basic plot is that your mother has been kidnapped by some foul smelling cave guys and they have her over a hot pot and they want to eat her. You need to save her before they gather enough fire wood to heat up the pot so they can cook her. Its a great little story and it does actually give a reason to want to beat the whole game.

The game as I have said looks amazing, but it is the game play that will keep you back. If you have played Mega Run or another game like that then you will know what to expect here. So you will pick your dragon and the guy will start running. And he is always running. It is your job to guide him. You do this by making him jump on various platforms and cavemen as well. Also you can make them fly and you have a fire ball attack at your disposal as well.

Your flying ability will no doubt save your butt on more than one occasion, but there is a catch. You cannot use this ability as much as you like. You have a meter that will deplete. So you will need to wait for it to replenish before you can use it again. You also only have three lives before you fail a level. I love this as I have played more than a few games like this where one hit kills you. Mega Dragon Run is a game that is feels like it actually wants you to beat a level so you can see the next one. And it is not artificially difficult so that you will buy upgrades from the in app store.

Mega Dragon Run has three game modes for you to have fun with. The main one is the arcade mode and this is where you will play through the game trying to save your dragon mother. I honestly think that this is a game where many people who download it will want to actually beat the whole arcade mode. Arcade mode is joined with the quick play mode which lets you juts jump in a level. And if these two modes were not enough there is also some multi player action with the timed multiplayer tournaments. In all this is a game that is absolutely stacked. The developers could ask five bucks for this game and I still think that it would be a bargain. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the game also has some really fun achievements for you to try and unlock as well.

There is a in game store which has some really great items in there for you to check out. And if you are someone who when they get into a game needs to have everything right away. Then rather than playing through the game you can pay to unlock it, but really where is the fun in that?

As I am sure you have guessed Mega Dragon Run is a game I highly recommend. I would probably go as far to say that this is an essential purchase for anyone with a iOS device it really is that good.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store