mad merx

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Triniti Interactive Limited

When it comes to war games for me personally I much prefer futuristic sci-fi style wars over realistic war. There is no deep and meaningful reason for this I really am just a sci-fi guy. Well Mad Merx: Nemesis is a little shooter that has been on my radar for a while now. So I went into this game with pretty high expectations.

I think this game looks great. There are a few frame rate issues everyone and a while, but for the most part this is a very nice looking game. It has a nice smooth look to it and the various environments. It may not be the best looking 3rd person shooter on the iOS, but it is still a good looking game.

As far as the game play goes. Mad Merx is a over the top run and gun 3rd person shooter. The controls are great and very easy to use. You have a left stick to move your characters around. Swiping in the screen will make you look around and you have you action buttons on there as well. This is a control scheme that is used by many 3rd person shooters. And it is one that works really well.

In total there are four classes to play as, but not right from the start you will need to unlock some. Your goal is to kill all the enemies in a all out online war. There is nothing big and fancy here. This is a game that is all about mayhem, and it is an absolute blast. You will pick up money and experience points as you are blasting away. And these can be used to improve your warrior. Each of the four classes has there own unique weapons which is great. A great amount of effort has been made so that you actually want to try out all four of the classes.

If I had to make one complaint it would be that it seems like it takes forever to get enough cash and points to unlock stuff. This is not really a deal breaker as the game is very fun to play. But it can take many battles until you start to make enough to unlock some of the goodies that the game has.

Mad Merx is a great online shooter, but you can play this in single player as well. You will be fighting against AI bots and while it is no where near as fun as playing against real people. It does do a very good job in letting to improve your skills. You will need to work on your shooting because this is a game where it is possible to run out of ammo during a battle. If this happens you will then need to buy some. So making sure you have a good aim is really vital.

For a free online shooter I think that Mad Merx is a great little game. I am not sure if this is a game I will still be playing weeks from now. But I can tell you for a little while at least this is a game that will entertain you.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store