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Logos Quiz (released by AticoD) is a game application compatible with the ipad, ipod and iphone, that requires players to examine incomplete business logos and guess the businesses’ names. The game contains 9 different levels, with 34 different logo in level 1 and 76 logo in each of the remaining levels in the game. With every 2 correct answers, you’ll earn to ask for 1 hint from the game. Each logo has 3 hints you can ask for that will point you to the correct answer. I have painstakingly typed out the different hints for all the brand logos in all levels, a job that has taken days to finish, so that I can post them on this site for everyone’s benefit (e.g. in case someone happens to type a hint into google wanting to find the associated logo name). Simply scroll down the page on every answers post if you wish to read the hints. Because this game is case insensitive, you may ignore the case of each letter when inputting your response. Logos Quiz will also forget any symbols and punctuations in logo names, so that you don’t need to enter them either.

I made several posts for every level, with an individual screen shot for each post, just so your internet will only be loading a single pic at any given time as opposed to needing to wait for different screen shots to load at the same time. Should you find the answers useful the slightest bit, if possible think about sharing this post in facebook/twitter, or giving this page a google +1. Thanks for stopping by and have fun with your ipod / ipad / iphone!

Has two words. M _ _ _ _ _ _ A A _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Is the government-owned flag carrier of MALAYSIA
Operates from its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Logos Quiz Answers ADIO LogoADIO
Is a skateboarding footwear and clothing company, founded in 1998
Its name is pronounced “audio” or “ad-e-o”
Has four letters. A _ _ O
Has two words. P _ _ _ _ P M _ _ _ _ S
It is an international tobacco company
Its main brands are Marlboro, Longbeach, L&M, Chesterfield, Parliament
Name comes from the ancient name given to China, derived from “Khitan”
Has two words. C _ _ _ _ Y P _ _ _ _ _ C
Is the flag carrier of Hong Kong
Has four words. R _ _ _ L B _ _ K _ F S _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Provides branch banking facilities throughout the British Isles
Headquartered in Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, United Kingdom
Logos Quiz Answers REUSCH LogoREUSCH
German manufacturer of sports equipment for football and Winter sports
Has 6 letters. R _ _ _ _ H
Founded in 1934 by Karl Reusch
Began service in 1934 as Varney Speed Lines
Has two words. C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Is a major American airline based in CONTINENTAL Center
Logos Quiz Answers COHIBA LogoCOHIBA
Has one words. C _ _ _ _ A
The name derives from the Taino word for “tobacco”
Brand for two kinds of premium cigar
Logos Quiz Answers TEKA LogoTEKA
Has one word. T _ K _
Areas: home applicances, bath, storage containers and electronics
One of the first companies to develop the stainless steel sink concept in the world
Logos Quiz Answers ELECTRIC LogoELECTRIC
Is defined by its iconic volt logo and has deep roots in action sports
One word. E _ _ _ _ _ _ C
Is a premium sunglass, snow goggle, and accessories company
Logos Quiz Answers VANS LogoVANS
Founded by Paul VAN Doren and three partners in 1966
American manufacturer of shoes for board sports. Has one word. V _ _ S
Previously known as the VAN Doren Rubber Company
Earliest ancestor was NIPPON Helicopter and Aeroplane
Has three words. A L L N _ _ _ _ N A _ _ _ _ _ _
Also known as ANA, is one of the largest airlines in Japan
Is the flag carrier of QATAR
Has two words. Q _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _
It is one of only severn airlines awarded 5-star rating by Skytrax
Logos Quiz Answers SATURN LogoSATURN
Named like the sixth planet of our Solar System
Is an American automobile manufacturer
“Passion for the Road”, “We’re Still Here”, “Like Always. Like Never Before.”
Is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom and is based in Waterside
Has two words. B _ _ _ _ _ H A _ _ _ _ _ S
The largest airline in the UK based on fleet size and international flights
Logos Quiz Answers BBVA LogoBBVA
Multinational Spanish banking group
Has four letters. B B _ _
Formed in 1999 from the merger of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya and Argentaria

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