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Logos Quiz (released by AticoD) is an iphone / ipad / ipod games application, that asks you to look at partial business logos and guess the companies’ names. This app comprises of a total of nine levels, with 34 different company logo in the starting level and 76 company logo in all of the remaining levels in the game. For every two responses answered correctly, you will get the option to reveal one hint from this game. 3 hints exist for each brand logo in this game. I’ve posted the whole set of hints for all business logos in each level, something that took me several days to do, so that I could put them here for everyone’s benefit (i.e. in case someone happens to type a hint into google in order to identify the corresponding company’s name). To read the hints please scroll down each page. As Logos Quiz is case-insensitive, you may completely ignore the case of every letter when you are spelling out the responses. Likewise, completely ignore any punctuation that a company name may have, due to the fact that the game will totally ignore those too.

I decided to make multiple posts per level, with one screen shot for every post, in order to make pages load faster for you. If perhaps you find these solutions helpful even the least bit, please consider sharing this post in facebook and/or twitter, and/or giving this site a google +1. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your ipod / ipad / iphone!

Logos Quiz Answers KAWASAKI Logo
The company is named after its founder Shōzō Kawasaki and has no connection with they city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Its most visible consumer product lines are its motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles
International corporation based in Japan. It has headquarters in both Chuo-ku, Kobe and Minato, Tokyo
Logos Quiz Answers MORGAN Logo
Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan founded it at 1910
Products are assembled by hand and waiting list is one to two years
Is a British motor car manufacturer
Logos Quiz Answers HUMMEL Logo
The North Queensland Cowboys of the NRL (rugby) wear the hummel brand
Is a Denmark-based sportswear company
Has one word. H _ _ _ _ L
Logos Quiz Answers LOTUS Logo
Has one word. L _ _ _ S
Is a British company that manufactures sports and racing cars
Founded by engineer Colin Chapman, a graduate of University College, London, in 1952
Logos Quiz Answers SMIRNOFF Logo
Brand of vodka now owned and produced by the British company Diageo
Has one word. S _ _ _ _ _ _ F
Began with a distillery founded in Moscow by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov
Logos Quiz Answers SANTANA Logo
Was a Spanish car manufacturer based in Linares
Founded as “Metalúrgica de SANTa ANA”
Originally manufactured agricultural equipment
Is the national airline of Portugal
Two words. P _ _ _ _ _ _ L _ A A _ _ _ _ _ _ S
PGA began its operation in 1990. The first official flight, on 7th July, connected Lisbon to Oporto
Logos Quiz Answers HSBC Logo
“Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation”
Global financial services company headquartered in Canary Wharf, London
Has four letters. H _ _ C
Logos Quiz Answers NOVOTEL Logo
Mid-scale hotel brand within the Accor group
Has one word. N _ _ _ _ _ L
Opened the first hotel in Lille Lesquin (France)
Logos Quiz Answers WRANGLER Logo
Harrison Ford wears Wrangler jeans at his wedding to Calista Flockhart in June 2010
Has one word. W _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Manufacturer of jeans and other clothing items
Logos Quiz Answers SKF Logo
Swedish bearing company founded in 1907, supplying bearing, seals
Svenska KullagerFabriken
Has one word. S _ _
Logos Quiz Answers ABBOTT Logo
Founded by Dr. Wallace C. ABBOTT in 1885
Has one word. A _ _ _ _ T
Pharmaceuticals health care company
Logos Quiz Answers VUELING Logo
“Be Vueling my friend”, “My name is Ling. Vue Ling”
It is an airline based in El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona, Spain
Has one word. V _ _ _ _ _ G
Logos Quiz Answers GMC Logo
Manufactures trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles…
Is a Division of General Motors. Has three letters. G _ _
Headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan
Logos Quiz Answers AIR NEW ZEALAND Logo
Is the national airline and flag carrier of NEW ZEALAND
Has three words. A _ _ N _ _ Z _ _ _ _ _ _
Is currently the only airline to circumnavigate the world
Logos Quiz Answers JETBLUE Logo
The logo color is now a dark, navy BLUE
Is an American low-cost airline
Has one word. J _ _ _ _ _ E
Logos Quiz Answers AUSTRIAN AIRLINES Logo
Has two words. A _ _ _ _ _ N A _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Headquartered in Vienna International Airport and a subsidiary of Lufthansa
Is the flag carrier airline of AUSTRIA
Logos Quiz Answers COORS Logo
It is the third-largest brewer in the United States
Established in 1873 by Adolph COORS and Jacob Schueler
Has one word. C _ _ _ S
Logos Quiz Answers WESTJET Logo
It is a Canadian low-cost carrier
Founded in 1996, it is currently the 2nd largest Canadian air carrier
Has one word. W _ _ _ _ _ T
Logos Quiz Answers STATE BANK OF INDIA Logo
“With you all the way”, “Pure banking nothing else”, “The Banker to every Indian”
Has four words. S _ _ _ E B _ _ K _ F I _ _ _ A
It is the largest Indian banking and financial services company

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