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Logos Quiz (released by AticoD) is a games application compatible with the Apple ipod / ipad / iphone. It asks players to look at portions of a variety of well-known logos and guess the companies’ names. Logos Quiz is comprised of a total of nine different levels – 34 different company logo in the beginning level and 76 in all of the remaining levels in the game. For every 2 responses answered accurately, you will get to read 1 hint from this game. The said hints will lead you to the right right answers. I worked several days on collecting the hints of all company logos of all levels, so that I can post them here for everyone’s benefit (e.g. in cases where somebody happens to type a hint into google in order to identify the associated logo’s name). Simply scroll down the page on each solutions page if you want to read the hints. As the game is case-insensitive, you’ll be able to disregard letter case when entering the answer. The game will also pay no attention to any symbols and punctuations in brand names, so that you won’t need to enter these either.

I decided to make multiple posts per level, with a single screen shot for every post, just to make posts load quicker for you. Should you find the solutions helpful in any way, if possible think about sharing this post in twitter/facebook, and/or giving this post a google +1. Thank-you for stopping by and enjoy your ipod or iphone or ipad!

Logos Quiz Answers CHINA MOBILE Logo
Chinese telecommunication company that provides mobile voice and multimedia services
World’s largest mobile phone operator with over 600 million subscribers
Has two words. C _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ _ _
Logos Quiz Answers DAIHATSU Logo
Has one word. D _ _ _ _ _ _ U
Is a Japanese company that belongs to the automotive industry
In the new combination the reading of the “ō” is changed from “大” to “dai”, giving “dai hatsu.”
Logos Quiz Answers DIOR Logo
High-fashion clothing producer and retailer
Has one word. D _ _ R
Established in 1946, in “a private house” at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris
Logos Quiz Answers KRAFT Logo
Founded by James L. Kraft, who started a door-to-door cheese business in 1903
Has one word. K _ _ _ T
The largest confectionery, food, and beverage corp headquartered in the US
Logos Quiz Answers TEXACO Logo
Its flagship product is its fuel, “T _ _ _ _ O with Techron”
American oil retail brand
It began as the Texas Fuel Company, founded in 1901
Logos Quiz Answers MONT BLANC Logo
Has one word. M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ C
German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches and accessories
The name comes from the highest mountain in the Alps (4810 m.)
Logos Quiz Answers HOME DEPOT Logo
“You can do it. We can help”, “More saving. More doing.”
American retailer of home improvement, construction products and services
Has two words. T _ _ H _ _ E D _ _ _ T
Logos Quiz Answers VERSACE Logo
Designs, markets and distributes luxury clothing, accessories, fragrances…
The first V _ _ _ _ _ E boutique was opened in Milan’s Via della Spiga in 1978
Italian fashion label founded by Gianni Versace in 1978
Logos Quiz Answers HERMES Logo
French high fashion house established in 1837
Specialized in leather, accessories, perfumery, and luxury goods
Has two words. H _ _ _ _ S P _ _ _ S
Logos Quiz Answers MAC Logo
Make-up Art Cosmetics
It is a manufacturer of cosmetics founded and headquartered in Toronto
Has one word. M _ _
Logos Quiz Answers LADA Logo
Has one word. L _ _ A
AutoVAZ is the owner
Is a Russian car manufacturer
Logos Quiz Answers ANON Logo
Specialized in snowboard goggles and eyewear
Is a sub-brand owned by burton snowboards
Has one word. A _ _ N
Logos Quiz Answers HANKOOK Logo
Has one word. H _ _ _ _ _ K
Company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea
It is the seventh largest tire company in the world
Logos Quiz Answers IBERDROLA Logo
Based in Billbao, is one of the leading private electric utilities worldwide
One of the largest renewable energy operator in the world
Has one word. I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Logos Quiz Answers AIRBUS Logo
Has one word. A _ _ _ _ S
Aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of EADS, a European aerospace company
Known for producing the first commercially viable fly-by-wire airliner, the A320
Logos Quiz Answers GENERAL ELECTRIC Logo
Operates through several segments: Energy, Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal…
Has two words: G _ _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ _ _
American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York
Logos Quiz Answers RABOBANK Logo
Has wone word. R _ _ _ _ _ _ K
Their main location is in the Netherlands and sponsors a famous cycling team
Financial services provider with offices worldwide
Logos Quiz Answers HELENA RUBINSTEIN Logo
Has a complete range of luxury beauty products
Has two words. H _ _ _ _ A R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N
Cosmetics, skin care, sun care and makeup brand
Logos Quiz Answers DANONE Logo
In the United States, this brand is marketed as Dannon
The name is a Catalan diminutive of the name of founder’s son, Daniel Carasso
French food-products multinational corporation based in Paris, France
Logos Quiz Answers ZARA Logo
Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia
Founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera
The group also owns Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Uterqüe, Stradivarius, and Bershka

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