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Logos Quiz (released by AticoD) is a games application compatible with the ipod, ipad and iphone, that requires players to take a look at partial logos of businesses and guess the brands’ names. This game consists of 9 different levels, with 34 business logo in level 1 and 76 business logo in each of the remaining levels in the game. With each 2 correct answers, you’ll earn the option to ask for 1 hint from the game. The hints will connect you with the correct correct solutions. I have painstakingly collected all the hints for all logos in all levels, which took days to get done, just so I could provide them here for your benefit (i.e. whenever somebody happens to type a hint into google wanting to find the corresponding brand’s name). Should you scroll downwards on each answers post, you’ll see the hints for each company logo. As Logos Quiz is case insensitive, you’ll be able to ignore the case of every letter when spelling the answers. Logos Quiz will also just ignore any and all symbols or punctuations in brand names, so that don’t type them either.

I made several posts for each level, with just one screen shot for each post, just so your internet will be loading a single image at any given time rather than needing to wait for a few screenshots to load together. Just in case you find the answers beneficial at all, why not consider sharing this site in twitter and/or facebook, and/or giving this post a google +1. Thanks for visiting this site and enjoy your ipad / iphone / ipod!

Logos Quiz Answers REXONA LogoREXONA
It is a deodorant brand manufactured by Anglo Dutch company Unilever
Has one word. R _ _ _ _ A
Known as Sure in the UK and Ireland and Degree in the USA and Canada
Logos Quiz Answers FOX LogoFOX
Has one word. F _ _
American television network owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation
The Simpsons, Bones, Family Guy, American Dad, House
Logos Quiz Answers HUMMER LogoHUMMER
It began selling a civilian version of the Humvee
Manufactures luxury SUVs, trucks…
H _ _ _ _ R. “Like nothing else”
The company sells surfwear and accessories
Australian English word meaning a small lake
Is an Australian clothing company called B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ G
Logos Quiz Answers DHL LogoDHL
Has three letters. D _ _
Division of Deutsche Post providing international express mail services
Name comes from founders names, Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn and Larry Hillblom
Logos Quiz Answers FIFA LogoFIFA
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its current president is Sepp Blatter
International Federation of Association Football, known by the French acronym
Has one word. F _ _ A
Logos Quiz Answers ARIEL LogoARIEL
First appeared on the UK market in 1967
The compact powder was originally known as “A _ _ _ L Ultra:
It is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble
Logos Quiz Answers GILLETTE LogoGILLETTE
Has one word. G _ _ _ _ _ _ E
It is a brand of Procter & Gamble currently used for safety razors
Their slogan is “The Best a Man Can Get”
Logos Quiz Answers RIP CURL LogoRIP CURL
Is a major Australian manufacturer and retailer of surfing sportswear
Except RIPping was groovy; surfing the CURL was groovy; we wanted to be groovy
Initially produced surfboards and wetsuits
Logos Quiz Answers DRAGON LogoDRAGON
Manufactures snowboard masks
Has one word. D _ _ _ _ N
Sponsors famous snowboarders such as Gigi Ruf
Legacy left by John “Johnnie: Walker after he started to sell whisky
It is a brand of Scotch Whisky originated in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Has two words. J _ _ _ _ _ E W _ _ _ _ R
Logos Quiz Answers NATO LogoNATO
The N _ _ O headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium
Intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty
Also called the (North) Atlantic Alliance
Logos Quiz Answers PIAGGIO LogoPIAGGIO
In 1946 they launched the legendary Vespa scooter
Founded by Rinaldo Piaggio in 1884, initially produced locomotives
Fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world
Logos Quiz Answers MOTOROLA LogoMOTOROLA
Name comes from “MOTOR” and “VictrOLA”
American-based, multinational telecommunications company
M _ _ _ _ _ _ A StarTAC, RAZR, Droid
Logos Quiz Answers PEUGEOT LogoPEUGEOT
The 504, 405 and 307 have won the European Car of the Year award
Bicycles, cars and motorcycles manufacturer
Is a French company founded in 1810
Logos Quiz Answers AIR FRANCE LogoAIR FRANCE
Is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, France
Is one of the world’s largest airlines
Has two words. A _ _ F _ _ _ _ _
The company, founded in 1912, is located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood
Two words. P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
American film production and distribution company
It is a major airline based in the UNITED States
One of the world’s largest airlines with 48,000 employees and 359 aircraft
Two words. U _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Logos Quiz Answers SEGA LogoSEGA
Multinational video game software and hardware development company
Master System, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Saturn, Sonic the Hedgehog
The name is derived from “Service Games”
Logos Quiz Answers ZURICH LogoZURICH
Has one word. Z _ _ _ _ H
Major financial services group based in ZURICH, Switzerland
Founded in 1872 as subsidiary of the Schweiz Marine Insurance Company

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