link that gugl

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Taysui

Link that Gugl is a great little puzzle game that is an ideal download for the whole family. While it does test your brains. I think that this is one of those games that tests your reflexes just as much. I love it when we get a puzzle game that remembers gaming is supposed to be fun and that is certainly what we have here with Link That Gugl.

Graphically this is a game that while basic does grab your attention. It has a bright yellow background and all the little fellows that you will be playing with have nice cute faces and these big soulful eyes staring at you. I am sure this is a game that is going to grab your kids attention. Still while it does have a basic look to it. It is more than fair to say that Link That Gugl is a game that does what it does very well.

Now as far as the game play goes I am pretty sure everyone who is reading this right now has played a game just like this. The idea of the game is really simple you need to link as many of these cute little dudes together as possible with a minimum of three being acceptable. Of course they all need to be the same colour and you need to clear the screen. If this sounds familiar it is because this style of game has been around for ages.

What is quite surprising is that there are a decent amount of game modes here. First of all we have the Time Limit mode this as I am sure you have guessed puts you against the clock. This mode is so exciting and you will have to decide if you want to just try and clear the board with three in a row or take the gamble and use up more time to link bigger lines together. Next up we have the Levels Mode this is quite simple and will see you trying to beat each level before moving on to a more difficult one. Longest Chain is a mode where you need to try and link as many of these guys together as possible. There is also a mode called Clear Mode where you need to try and clear them all of the screen

This is a game that is very easy to play, but it does offer a nice little challenge. I am sure that kids will love this game and that they will be able to do a few levels. But for older gamers once you get into it the later levels. The challenge does pick up and you sometime need your brain to be on auto pilot in order to beat some of the levels.

Link That Gugl is a great game to download. I think honestly if you have kids that this really is an essential purchase as this is a game that will make them think as well as letting them have some fun.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store